KiasuParents.com’s Ratings of Service Providers

Our goal is to be most trusted platform for parents looking for commercial services for their children.

To achieve this aim, KiasuParents.com provides Ratings for Service Providers based on the 1 to 5 Star scale.  Service Providers who achieve a 4-Star and above Rating will receive a Seal of Endorsement from KiasuParents.com to recognise its commitment to excellence.

Each Service Provider’s Rating on KiasuParents.com is a combination of 3 components with equal weightage (33.3% each):

  • The Service Provider’s Self Assessment
    • This self-assessment is based on the Service Provider answering a series of questions which are commonly asked by parents evaluating the Service.  The answers provided by the Service Provider will be computed into a Service Provider’s Rating.
  • KiasuParents.com’s Independent Review
    • KiasuParents.com will commission Independent Reviews of Service Providers based on the “Mystery Shopper” concept.  Our Reviewer will act as a customer to engage with the service provider to evaluate the service, without the knowledge of the Service Provider.  This ensures that our Reviews remain independent and factual.
  • KiasuParents.com’s Community Review and Rating
    • KiasuParents.com encourage users who have used the Services to provide feedback on their experiences.  To do so, users will rate the Service Provider based on 3 components:
      • Amenities (Facilities, location, etc)
      • Cost (Pricing, discounts, etc)
      • Effectiveness (Pedagogy, teachers, etc)

Should any of the 3 components be absent, the final Service Provider’s Rating will just be a combination of the remaining components with equal weightage.

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