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KiasuParents had a whole lot of F.U.N.!

Parents need to treasure each precious moment spent with their children; BOND with them and most importantly, have FUN and unite with them daily. That was the valuable message close to 30 families took home after attending F.amilies U.nite N.ow, an event co-organised by KiasuParents’ and YMCA Learning Centre on 25 June 2016.

Targeted at families with primary and secondary school children, the interactive workshop was designed to help them reinforce their family team dynamics and ultimately achieve the desired happy family atmosphere through experiential-based activities and reflective thinking.

The two-hour session was facilitated by Mr Eddie Yip, a dynamic, vibrant and engaging speaker from MindChamps with extensive experience in conducting workshops in schools and learning centres. He got parents to reflect on their individual parenting style; through the games and activities conducted, parents learnt why they are such important role models for their young charges and also the importance of communication and teamwork.

Right from the get-go, all the sporting participants quickly immersed themselves in the activities, proving that all it takes is a little effort to have a wonderful bonding time with their families… and new friends too!

Some learning points from the games

London Bridge is Falling Down: Two parents/adults form an arch over their child. Cue a crisis, e.g. a fire and the children have to switch families. Participants learn about crisis management through this game. When children are under the roof of their own parents, they feel secured. But when a crisis rattles the family, e.g. during a fire, earthquake or when their own parents quarrel, kids may be forced into an unfamiliar environment where they do not feel comfortable. So it is important for parents to provide a conducive home environment for their children, where the latter know that even in times of crisis, they can return to their parents for security.

Pass the Hoop: Participants learning the importance of teamwork through this challenge which required them to pass the hula hoop around without letting go of one another’s hands.

Hula-hoop Game 2: A team of participants need to stand within a fixed number of hula hoops. One by one, the hoops are removed and the team members have to balance themselves together without falling outside the radius of the hoops. Participants not only learnt about teamwork but also that families can rely on their extended families and community for support in times of need.

See more event photos here.

Here’s what some of the participants had to say about the event

“F.amilies U.nite N.ow was indeed a fabulous initiative spearheaded by KiasuParents. As the facilitator, I felt rewarded to see the great SMILES from all the children who were having a whale of a time bonding with the Mummies and Daddies on a bright Saturday morning at YMCA,” – Eddie Yip, main event facilitator

“It was an excellent workshop where I learnt something new. As a parent, I need to better respect my children and accept them for who they are.” – Sharifah, mother with two lower primary kids

“The activities were exciting and Coach Eddie was fun and very engaging. I learnt the importance of teamwork with my family.” – Axon Tan, parent of two young children

“The one parenting tip that I learnt is that there are solutions to all problems. Moving forward, I hope to improve my son’s ability to communicate.” -Audrey Wee, mother of a P6 son

“Our children take after their parents’ example, so we are their role models. That’s what I learnt from this excellent workshop.” – Serena Lee, mother of a son in P1 and daughter in P2

“We all made new friends at the session.” – Audrey Ledbetter, mother with a child in secondary school

“The workshop provided a good opportunity to interact with other parents and their children. As a parent myself, I learnt the importance of staying focused, drawing resources from the community and extended family.” – Lena Lim, mother of a P4 child

“One parenting tip I learnt from the session is to listen to my children more. Hopefully I can help them manage their anger better.”  – Santhi, parent with two lower primary kids


A BIG THANK YOU to all our sponsors who added great value to our 1st KiasuParents event!

  • Young Scientist Readers Pte Ltd
  • YMCA Learning Centre Pte Ltd
  • Eco Green Farms
  • Lorna Whiston Pre-School Education Pte Ltd
  • Julia Gabriel Centre Pte Ltd
  • Holiday Inn Hotel Orchard City Centre
  • Pansing Distribution Pte Ltd
  • Nutts Organic Pte Ltd
  • JR Life Sciences Pte Ltd
  • Energia
  • Global Wellness Holding
  • Prime Magazine
  • Gao Feng Magazine
  • Young Nautilus
  • Hoverboard Singapore
  • DMX
  • Family Life Society

We would also like to thank all participants for attending.
Hope to see you again and many more joining us at our next event!

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