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KiasuParents – LogicMills MirMe Cognitive Test

Dear parents,

We are proud to announce that has partnered with Logicmills to offer an unprecedented and accurate cognitive profiling test for children 9 years and older.

As part of this partnership, members will be given a huge 50% discount off the regular price, paying only $15 for a license for a single person. We believe that this tool will allow parents to better understand our children, so that we can work better with them in their growing journey.

To qualify for this discount, please do the following:

1) Login to your account.

2) Click on this link to request for the discount code.



MirMe (Mirror Me; pronounced is the latest and most innovative psychometric tool on the market. Unlike existing psychometric tests, MirMe has been designed as a game. By focusing on the way individuals tackle problem-based situations, MirMe revolutionises the way personalities are assessed.

MirMe reveals even more than ordinary psychometric tools; after MBTI and DISC, you have MirMe.

MirMe is now used in a number of Singapore Primary schools to assess the capability of groups of students. This is a chance for you to get your own individual assessment of your child, as you will not receive reports from the schools.

For more information regarding the cognitive profiling test, please read this article.

Play the Game and Learn about Yourself!


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