KiasuParents – LogicMills Thank you

Thank you for your interest in the Logicmills MirMe Cognitive Profiling test!

To enjoy your discount, please do the following:

1) Click on this link to go to the Logicmills MirMe Portal.

2) On the Logicmills page, click on the Buy button.

3) Enter a unique User ID.  Please use your Username.  If you are registering for multiple children, you will need to use different User IDs for each child.  Simply add a number behind your user ID.  You will need to repeat this entire purchase process for each kid that you are registering.  You may use the same discount code to enjoy 50% discount for each child.

4) Enter the name of your child.

5) Enter the email address that you used to register your account.  This is important as it will be used to qualify you for the discount.

6) Fill in the rest of the information related to your child.

7) Click on the Register button.

8) In the box that says “Coupon Code”, enter the word “KIASU” without the quotes, and click on Apply Code.

9) After you have filled in the questionaire, click on Pay with PayPal to pay for your license.

Thank you!

Please log in to register for the test.

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