Reviews and Ratings

With the wide variety of services available for parents wishing to enrich their children in any imaginable dimension, we are spoilt for choice.  While that is a good thing, it does add significantly to the time and effort that we must put in to evaluate and select the services which are most suited to our children. provides a series of reviews with service providers to understand what they are offering, and highlight their specific strengths and weaknesses, to provide parents with a quick overview and signficantly reduce their search and due diligence.  These reviews are completely independent, and not paid for by any service provider.  This is so that we can maintain our integrity and outline the facts for parents to judge without bias.

The reviews involve the following:

  • An interview with the management of the service provider to understand their vision and priorities;
  • A sit-in session in one of the classes being conducted, so that our editors can experience first-hand how the service works;
  • Interviews with actual customers of the service to get their feedback on their satisfaction level with the service






String Ensemble vs Chinese Orchestra

My son has to choose between joining Raffles Institution’s Chinese       Orchestra or String Ensemble. What factors should he look at to help him decide. Any advice is greatly appreciated.