Find Tuition/Enrichment Centres Young Writers Contest 2013-1

Here are the results of our very first Young Writers’ Contest featuring essays from Primary school children up to Primary 6!  The grand prize is an iPad Mini!

The contest title was given as: “2013 and me“, and was intended to give contestants leeway to describe their personal reflections on the new year ahead: their hopes, fears and expectations.  As expected, we had a number of interesting interpretations of the topic.

A total of 7 entries were submitted, out of which 5 were selected for evaluation by our panel of judges, who are experts themselves in the English language, having spent many years in teaching children creative writing.  We are indeed very fortunate to be able to get the support of such professional experts! 

The Judging Panel:

The judges were neither told the names nor the ages of the contestants.  Each judge set his/her own criteria for grading the entries, and provided comments on how each entry score against the criteria.  The maximum score for each entry is 10.  The overall score of each entry is the average of all the scores awarded by the judges.

Shortlisted entries (with judges’ comments):

The results turned out to be quite close, especially amongst the runners up!  All contestants exhibited great maturity and command of English despite their youth.  

Finally, getting down to business, the winners are as follows:

Grand Prize (iPad Mini):
preciouslove (Score: 7.24)

1st Runner up (Panasonic Inverter Desk Lamp):
hawt_dd1 (Score: 6.90)

2nd Runner up (Panasonic Inverter Desk Lamp):
Busymom’s Daughter (Score: 6.76)

Congratulations to all the winners, and we thank all participants for spending time writing, and the judges who have kindly provided their professional feedback on the entries.  We hope all participants enjoyed themselves, and will continue to write even better essays!


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