’s Policy on Moderation of Posts appoints moderators (also known as "ClassMonitors") who are responsible for carrying out the regulation of Sections 6, 7, 8 and 10 of the Terms of Service for

Our moderators are empowered to edit, remove, move or embargo posts which contravene any of the terms listed in Section 6 of the Terms of Service, at their discretion.

While moderators do not represent the views of, they are entrusted with ensuring that discussions in’s Portal and Forums happen in a conducive manner, and that members engaging in discussions continue to focus on the issue instead of attacking the persons who contributed the ideas.

For greater clarity, here are some specific instances which our moderators will step in:

  • When a user explicity names and asks another user to "shut up" or the equivalent, with the intention of gagging the other user
  • When a user explicitly uses derogatory terms to describe another user

Please note that we do not step in to moderate cases that are "inferred", as that would be subject to different interpretations.  If a post does not name any specific member, there is little basis for us to take any action, unless it targets a specific group of users.

Moderators have been informed not to take sides in any discussion, and to only regulate discussions according to’s Terms of Service.

Members are strongly encouraged not to use their own names when posting in, to protect their identity and privacy.  At the same time, if you used an online moniker that does not positively reveal your real identity for your postings, you waive your rights to claim libel against any party.  Please refer to Section 11 of’s Terms of Service.

Members participating in discussions in should be mindful that reserve the right to edit or remove content on our platform, at our discretion, and without notice to the community.

If you are uncomfortable with this, please refrain from making any posts on  This is part of the Terms of Service which you have agreed to when you sign up for an account with

For avoidance of doubt, the following are specific cases which will trigger moderator action:

  1. SPAM: Cross-posting of the same message across more than 1 thread or Forum.  If you wish to let others know of another post you have made, you must post the link to that post instead of cutting and pasting the entire message.  To find the URL to a specific post, mouse over to the small document icon to the left of the post date on the top left of that post and click on the right button.  Select "Copy Link address" or the equivalent.  Then paste it in your reply.  Please note that posting many references to the same post in multiple posts may also be deemed as SPAM.
  2. SPAM: Inserting a explicit or hidden link in every one of your messages.  While has an open policy of accepting URLs to other websites which are relevant to discussions, attempting to embed the same URLs in many of your posts will be deemed as SPAM.
  3. SPAM: Posting of comments or responses (with embedded links) which are nonsensical or irrelevant to discussions.  Such behavior will earn an immediate banning or termination of accounts.
  4. SPAM: Posting of commercial messages outside of the Buy & Sell Forums, and the commercial sub-forums in the Educare or Tuition Forums.  If you are a service provider, you can only post your commercial messages within your own threads in the Forums listed above.  You must be registered in our Directories of Services either as a Commercial Company or an individual Trainer.  Please read the Onboarding Guides for either registered companies or individual trainers.  Note that you are not allowed to post contact information (email, phone no, URL) in the Forums.  Contact information should only be posted in your registered Company or Trainer Profiles in our Directory of Services.


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