Find Tuition/Enrichment Centres’s Policy on Responsible Comments


As an independent review site on edu-care products and services in Singapore, maintains an open policy on comments and reviews on service providers created by the community at large.


However, we have noted that, out of frustration, some members of the public may create accounts on our Portal just to post negative comments on service providers. At times, the content is copied verbatim from other sites, signifying an ongoing online campaign to discredit the service provider.


While we reserve our judgement on the authenticity of such posts, such posts do not conform to our principle of responsible views from the public. As such, we will embargo any views posted by users of less than 50 useful posts in our Forums or the Portal, if the views target a specific service provider. These posts will remain in our closed area until the poster has proven him/herself to be an authentic user before we release them back into the open.  Also, while we will not release information about our members to any service providers, please be mindful that members are still subject to the anti-libel laws of Singapore.  Members who post negative posts about service providers should do so using their real names, and they remain fully responsible for what they say. cannot be held responsible for members’ comments.


Please note that the restriction of your post do not reflect our opinion on the truth of its content. Our goal is to let our posters be fully responsible for their views.


At the same time, deems service providers masquerading as satisfied customers to be misleading the community. We will ban such users without warning, and publicly post their activities and who they were advertising for.


We seek the understanding of the community on this policy and hope that it will improve the quality of information being exchanged on


Dear Chief, I really

Dear Chief,

I really appreciate your note & more so your advise.

Didnt realise how useful this community could be.

I take your advise & will keep this out of the public domain for now.

Many thanks again and hope i can be of service in a similar fashion.

Best Regards,

Dear genie23

As you have just exceeded the 20 post limit, we can release the post if you wish.  However, please note that it is not a good idea to put up a public note about your case if you intend to take up legal action or report to CASE.  The other party can use this fact against you, that you are pre-judging the case.

Our advise is that if all you want is to seek some advice from the community on your current situation, you should not publicly name the school or its personnel in your note.  That way, you will not be seen as attempting to bad-mouth the school for your own benefit.

Please let us know your decision.

Dear Chief, I completely

Dear Chief,

I completely agree to & respect your stand on responsible comments.

In fact i have to admit i may have misused the forum for the very thing you are guarding against.

Being a FTWM of 3 kids its extremely hard to be regular.

My recent post seeking advise on DD’s Montessori is quite time sensitive as i may need to take some immediate action.

Would it be possible to release the post in this case. Perhaps, i could be given a fixed time – to meet the Minimum requirements – in retrospect.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

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