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Kids Amaze Outing

Our first trip was during the pre-opening of SAFRA. We were invited to come and try out the facilities before the public. Children and adults came out with some scratches and small cuts (from the slides). Daddie checked into the playground area while Mumsie & I chilled out at the sitting area near the pretty, bright, orange lockers.

We decided to make a return trip there on DD2’s birthday last October and she said that was her best birthday ever.

Upon reaching the entrance of SAFRA, we immediately saw the indoor playground entrance beckoning to us. Upon entering the premise, we were greeted with a huge 3-storey indoor playground space! Awesome structure!

We checked out the rates and checked in the two eager girls into the play area. They were already jumping around in anticipation!  You guys can check out the rates below.

Do note however, they have different rates for Public / School Holidays. If i remember correctly, they also have different rates for weekdays and weekends.

Hubs took leave that day and i am a SAHM, hence we made use of the cheaper weekday rate.

Upon payment of the charges, the girls were given a stamp to officially allow them into the indoor playground… and they were told to sanitize their hands. In fact, we actually already asked the girls to go to the toilet first and have their hands washed prior to making payment. The stamp allows children to go in and out of the play area to go for a break… for any toileting needs… to rest awhile… or i suppose even for some 40 winks! Especially for the younger children… they CAN get tired.. 

Hubs and i didnt’ accompany them in to play. We went around recce-ing the place & eventually sat down at the cafe to have some snacks. I’ll get to the snack part later. 

There was a snakey yellow slide which the girls have taken with Gramps during first visit but not without scratches and some minor cuts, despite folding their arms in while sliding down. I wouldn’t suggest long sleeve t-shirts cos all that playing tend to make the kiddies sweaty & uncomfortable. So, no pain no gain. Haha! 


The long slide ended in a ball pool which the girls really loved!


While recceing around the second level, we chance upon two massage chairs ($1 token kind). One chair was spoilt then so hubs and i took turns. It was so-so nia… but for $1.00, guess it was okay lah.


Within sight of where we’re trying out the massage chairs, there was also a sitting area for children who aren’t playing. Creative area.. we saw some toddlers drawing.. some brought their own toys to play too.

There were many colourful foam balls that the children could collect. I saw cuties packing balls into recycled bags available to be placed into vacuumed holes…

…. that brought all the collected balls into one giant cannon.

In every like 10minutes internal the cannon would auto shoot all over the place and colourful balls would be raining on everyone. The girls liked that a lot.  Almost like the "raining gum balls" kinda experience Adam Sandler had in his movie; Bedtime Stories. 

Hubs and i sat down for a tea break after the recce-ing around. I ordered cappucino on that rainy day, soft drink, cheese fries & the scrummy brownie.

The cafe called, Hanis Cafe, also has a small and enclosed area within sight for children to play. Parents can chill out for drinks, snacks, catch up on ME time with reading… or free wireless surfing.. 

The cafe also offers venue for birthday celebrations and events.

Now…  where’s the picture of that extremely deliciously cheesy plate of cheese fries? Oooops.  Oh here it is..

Did i mention that the cheese fries were scrummylicious?

Well, watcha waitin’ for? Dunno what to do with the kiddies this hols… head on down to Boon Lay MRT station and take a short walk to SAFRA Jurong today. When you’re done there there’s also retail therapy at Jurong Point Shopping Centre…. Mind you, there are two buildings of the mall now.. JP1 and JP2. Endless shopping outlets and not too mention, more makan places to try out!



Fun place!

My nephew had so much fun there!


This is really a fun place for kids. I nearly hold my DD birthday celebration there.


Interesting!  But a bit far for us.  The food looks really delicious!

Kids Amaze is having

Kids Amaze is having weekday promotions:

(not applicable on PH and School Hols)

Members’ Monday

Kidz Amaze and Safra Members pay $5.25 per child up to 4 children per card


Together on Tuesday

1 for 1 deal. Pay for one and two to enter


Mid-week special

one free play coupon with purchase of per entry. coupon not to be use on the day of issuance.


Twins Thursday

1 for 1 deal.  Two for the price of one


Friends in 5’s

come in a group of 5 and enjoy 50% off entry fee

Kids Amaze is having weekday promotions:

(not applicable on PH and School Hols)


We went today! and yes, it

We went today!

and yes, it was crowded, but the play structure is big and so can accommodate the kids quite comfortably.  There is a small area near the cafe for smaller kids to play and i think that is free of charge.  The long long slide is really fun.  my boy had some small cuts and bruises but he didn’t complain.  He asked me to bring him back again.  I will definately have to accompany my going-to-be four yo gal if she goes.  I think it maybe a little challenging for her, at least for the first time.

Going to SAFRA, Winth?


Quote Winth, "WE ARE GOING!!!Shared this link with DH yesterday and he said it’s great fun and that’s the next place to go for our weekends!"

Wow! That was fast! Straight away decide it’d be a new haunt for you guys arh? We find it’s a nice place laa… so hope it would be a fun place for you guys too, ya! Let us all know what you think of it okie.. 😉

Quote Winth, "Btw, how’s the crowd like during normal weekends (as in not school holiday type)?"

Dear Winth, we’ve not been there on a regular Saturday or Sunday but we have tried the weekend of school holidays and it is ULTRA packed! We found it was extremely crowded and with the mixed age group with the bigger boys, it got a little too rowdy for us and the girls too. The bigger boys were playing rough (didn’t really look out for the small ones), shouted a lot (some even hurled vulgarities!), a few ran to the cafe where their parents sat then didn’t wash hands and went back in and resumed play! I personally saw the few leaving oily fingerprints on the padded play equipment! 

Quote Winth, "What are their operating hours like?"

Weekdays ( Excluding School Holidays & Public Holidays ) : 1pm to 7pm

Saturday, Sunday, School Holidays & Public Holidays : 10am to 9pm

*Closed on last Tuesday of every month for maintenance*

Quote Winth, "I wonder if the long slide will be scary to my 3 yearer though… "

The slide did seem daunting to my DD2 at 5+ years old then.. But she was fine when accompanied and encouraged by granpa… After a few times, she went on her own… When we brought her there again on her 6th birthday, she was more than confident and even allowed us to go chill on our own. Her actual words were, "It’s okay mumsie.. you can have your own free dating time with daddy over there (at our usual hang-out cum waiting place… the cafe) and we will come over for a break later. You can chit chat with each other or surf KiasuParents there too. I can see you from the play area.. so it’s ok. You can have your peaceful free time without the kids for awhile. I’m going in to play now. Byeeeee!"


tks for detail sharing

tks for detail sharing

Birthday Package

Heyya Lock, you’re right about the birthday package. I do not find it particularly impressive. I would ala carte too in your situation, as the intention is more to ensure the kiddies are having fun. Ya know how kids aren’t that particularly hungry when they’re having loads of fun.. Hahahaa! But i somehow find they should fine tune their birthday package to make it more enticing for potential customers, beginning with the birthday menu for the kiddies and adults alike. But i guess if having it at the cafe, the spread is more like snacking food for tea break instead of a full spread of filling birthday food that parents would normally cater or provide for chalet birthdays or home birthday celebrations.

Thanks for sharing your experience! 


Last year, I celebrated my

Last year, I celebrated my dd’s 8th birthday there. But I did not take up their birthday package cos I thought the food was not that impressive and the timing rather restricted, so i just organised the party myself. Ha.
What I did was I paid for the the entrance fees for 10 children (including my dd). We reached the place at 10am, played at the playground and had lunch at Hans (level 1), before going back to the playground and played till 5pm. All the kids ordered kids’ meal and it comes with ice-cream (which was every kid’s fav). The cost came up to less than $200 in total. Most importantly, the kids had the whole day of uninterrupted fun. 🙂


Shared this link with DH yesterday and he said it’s great fun and that’s the next place to go for our weekends!

Btw, how’s the crowd like during normal weekends (as in not school holiday type)?

What are their operating hours like?

I wonder if the long slide will be scary to my 3 yearer though… 

Very detailed sharing

We’ve been there last year for my son’s K2 classmates Birthday celebration.  I would recommend long sleeve t-shirt to protect the children’s arms from scratches from the long slide.  Maybe could bring extra t-shirt to change later if not there will be boo-boos.  One of my son’s friend got a cut as he was wearing short sleeves.

We did not try out any food at Hanis as there are food catered for parents as well at tbe birthday party.  The fries looks yummy



Hi Buds, we have also been

Hi Buds,

we have also been eyeing this place for a long time now.  My DS1 is very eager to go.  We will be there this sunday – a birthday invitation!  Ha! 

Thanks for the review of the FOOD for Hanis Cafe!  this will come in handy since I’ve not tried it out yet.  I’ve tried the japanese food court.  Quite good for the price.  The ramen is quite authenic and if you have the safra card, even better, can enjoy some discounts!

Great sharing!

Great sharing!

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