Kids Who Perspire While Sleeping

When my kids were small, they perspired a lot even in an air-con room while sleeping. Children who do so are losing a lot of their body nutrients unnecessarily and may appear ‘green’ and physically weaker (according to Chinese medicine books that I had read).

I found a simple solution after some research that worked for them:

红枣 + 浮小麦

Boil these two in water and let them drink about 120 ml – 240 ml a day (last time I put in in milk bottle to substitute as part of water). For about 12 months old, I feed about 30 – 60 ml one time. The perspiration stopped after about 1 to 2 months.

红枣 itself is sweet and 浮小麦 is kind of tasteless and so the liquid is acceptable to kids’ taste…

PS: I can’t remember the concoction. Think is 10 红枣 (remove seed) + 三钱浮小麦 + about 2 cups of water. Cheap stuff (per pot costs maybe $0.50). Boil them together. Once boiled, off the fire and have the pot covered. Once cooled, can serve throughout the day. You may check with Chinese Medical Hall but they will add one more herb which make the taste more unacceptable for kids. My simple recipe was obtained from a book think is called 小吃大补 (don’t know where is the book now).

PS2: if you buy 浮小麦, must look at the colour to make sure that they are fresh. I had seen different lots in different medical halls and some selling 浮小麦 that are very dried and dull looking ones…

PS3: Any balance you drink yourself. Good for blood and skin…

See: Forum thread.

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hmm..can just put in

hmm..can just put in porridge to boil instead of drink?


wow..thanks for the info…my boy oso sweat while sleeping..


According to Baidu:

红枣 = Red dates, aka. jujube, big dates

浮小麦 = Blighted Wheat

Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for sharing. That’s very helpful as my kid sweats a lot at night. By the way, what is 浮小麦 in English?

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