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Kinetic Garden

The Kinetic Gardens is a great place to spent an hour or two exploring.

There are plenty of educational structures, optical sculptures, mechanism with clear signs describing each of their functions and origin. The best part is, unlike the main exhibits, entrance to the garden is free.

Here are some of the items we really like in this fascinating garden.

Human Wheel

The kids love this. They can get pretty rough trying to get some space on the wheel so do watch out for the little ones.


This fascinating piece called the” fireball” lets you experience the concept of centrifugal force. Move your body towards the central ring and you will go faster move your body away and you will slow down

Archimedes’ Screw

Named after the Greek inventor Archimedes, this devise direct water up its column when the top handle is turned. DS have lots of fun turning the handle and watching the water being raised. 

More about Kinetic Gardens



I’ve run out of edutaining places to go with my girl and with the holidays, I’m glad I found your article! Thanks 🙂 Let’s hope for a sunny day now, rain rain go away!

Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for sharing 🙂

new one? tks for sharing

new one? tks for sharing


hello, yes, the gardens in the science centre is really a great place for discovering the different plants and having fun.  same minds think alike! hehe  

Thanks for sharing another

Thanks for sharing another great place to explore with the kids. Went to the Science centre in June for the Pixar exhibition but didn’t realise they had this Kinetic Garden. Will keep in mind for future visits.

Great Place For Kids

Hi mintcc

Thanks for sharing. Didn’t know they have this new stuff there.

It’s been donkey years since I last visited the place. 

Looks Fun!

Was thinking of bringing the kids last week, but looking at the haze situation…  we changed our mind.  So now I will have to write this in for the Dec hols…  hope its not too crowded then.

Thanks for sharing!

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Gracias duriz! Very helpful and detailed information. Looks like i won’t be able to finish going round the place in a day… 


Hey Mummy buds, I'm

Hey Mummy buds,

I’m assuming you’re not a member, so the usual entrance fees apply:

S$9 for adults, S$5 per child and S$6 for seniors.

You get to visit all the permanet exhibitions like bioethics, climate change, copyright nature, discovery zone, ecogarden, genome, ispace, kinetic garden, marine alcove, our solar system, sound exhibition, the mind’s eye, waterworks, nanotechnology (DH’s fav), mathematics (my fave) as well as the temp exhibits. I think now they have one on breast cancer and SOUND (DD’s fav).



Hokay… i’m all psyched up! Now, peeps… anyone can help me with the cost part?


BlurBee, duriz, Fuzz,

BlurBee, duriz, Fuzz, autummbrons, mickeyhmh

You are most welcome; we have been to science centre a number of times but was always too tired after touring the main exhibits to check out the Garden.

Science centre is a good choice. DS always enjoyed it and there are so many things to look at and explore that we never seems to be able to cover everything.

Yes there is a water play area at the Science Centre. You have to enter from one of the exhibits inside. Like Sun_2010 says the kids just go wild when they enter the area. Safe it for the last stop as it is very difficult to get the kids to stop while they strart . We treat it like going swimming when we go there, arm with swimsuit and towels and shower stuff for DS. There is a shower and changing and locker area inside for that.

We were there on a weekday and there are quite a fair bit of people as we explored the place during Science Centre closing time so everyone just went there naturally.

We did not cover all the structures either. There are so much things to do and explore there. Now I am all psych up to go again too.

Have fun everyone!

Thanks mintcc.  1 more

Thanks mintcc.  1 more place to bring my kids for the hols!!

Thank U

 mintcc, thanks for this article.

Though I have been there  quite  a few times , but somehow missed some of them.  Will look out for them in my next trip.

buds, there is quite a large water play area and each one is based on the scientific concept. Kids can get to see the dynamics of water hands on , and how it can be harnessed.

But most kids are hawing a great time enjoying the water, sometimes even breaking rules and being a tad rowdy.  It is hard to restrain the kids and explain to them concepts- they are like  ‘now can i go and play" , sigh!   And yes – remember to pack a spare clothes and towel.

The last time i went was a little more than an year ago , hope things have not changed.

Have fun with ur DDs there



Wow mintcc, excellent and timely sharing.. Planning to bring both my girls to the Science Centre after they finish their exams. The kinetic garden looks like an innovative space! I suppose lesser people on weekdays? A friend mentioned there’s also water play @ the Science Centre too, can i verify that with you?


Thank you

Hi mintcc,

Wow, this is fantastic sharing.

Will definitely bring DS.  I bet he’ll have fun

Thanks for the info! I

Thanks for the info! I didn’t know about this garden. It looks great! We only took our boy to the Science Centre once and that was mainly for IMAX movie. Will definitely bring him this Dec during the holidays!

Thank you for sharing

Thank you for sharing mintcc.

DH loves this place. We brought DD there after her first birthday party two weeks ago. As she’s just started to walk, she loves exploring the place with her papa.

I’m glad to report both of them enjoyed themselves tremendously. Although DH is probably too old for most of the exhibits and DD too young 

<Aside to BlurBee> faster bring your DS, I think he will have a blast 




Thanks mintcc.

I’m planning to bring my kids to Science Centre during the school holiday but afraid that 2yo DS is too young for that. With this garden, I think he will enjoy.

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