KSP Win Enrichment Vouchers 2014: About BrainFit Studio

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Terms & Conditions for voucher usage:

  1. Voucher must not be used in conjunction with any other discounts, coupons or promotional offers.
  2. Voucher must be presented at the point of payment.
  3. Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.
  4. Only one voucher can be utilised for each child, aged 3 to 18 years old.
  5. Voucher must be utilised by 31st March 2015.
  6. Prize must be collected from BrainFit Studio Pte Ltd
    193-197 Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre, Singapore 307633.
  7. Collection time: Tuesday to Sundays 9:00am – 6:00pm


Founded by a team of therapists passionate about maximising human potential, BrainFit Studio has been dedicating itself to bringing you the most up-to-date and scientific brain fitness training programmes since 2001. This is a company built upon the hopes and joys of children and their parents, whose lives have changed dramatically through brain fitness training.

“Brain fitness” is really another term for cognitive or learning skills like memory, attention and thinking speed. Recent discoveries from brain research have shown that our brains can improve, at whatever age we may be. This awesome potential of our brain to improve, known as “neuroplasticity” is the basis behind our work at BrainFit Studio. Whether you have a gifted child, an average or a struggling learner, brain fitness training can boost your child’s current cognitive abilities to higher levels, making his or her learning more effective, effortless and enjoyable.  

Brain scan studies have shown that learning success, general intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ), all require a network of interconnections among a few critical brain areas, namely attention & working memory, social-emotional, auditory, visual and sensory-motor processing areas. These five key “mental muscles” form the core of our training focus at BrainFit Studio.

We commence the training process through CognitiveMAP, a comprehensive one-to-one evaluation of your child’s brain fitness levels using internationally recognised tests. This thorough analysis of your child’s cognitive learning profile not only allows us to tailor his or her brain fitness training programme, but also enables parents to gain a deep insight into your child’s behaviours. During the entire course of brain fitness training, your child’s brain fitness growth is continuously monitored and closely tracked. Parents can see objective and measurable gains at any point in time.  

Having worked with more than 7,500 students, raised more than 10,000 IQ points and grown to a chain of 16 centres in 6 countries, we are confident in our neuroscientific protocols and programmes in improving learning abilities, shaping behaviours and impacting IQ scores. Don’t expect overnight miracles because that is not how the brain works, especially if you want lasting results. Just like training our heart or arm muscles to be stronger, our brain strengthens over time with regular lifting of progressively heavier “mental weights”. We usually see visible and enduring results within 3 months.

BrainFit Studio – Where Great Minds Work Out!

Find out more at www.brainfitstudio.com

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