KSP Win Enrichment Vouchers 2014: About I Can Read

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Each winner will receive a $200 voucher from I Can Read®. We will be picking 10 winners for this sponsor.

Terms & Conditions of voucher usage

  1. Applicable for new sign ups only

  2. Applicable for 2014 regular courses only

  3. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers

  4. Only redeemable at all – I Can Read centres in Singapore

  5. One voucher per course per child

  6. Not exchangeable for cash

  7. Voucher expires on 31 December 2014

  8. Prize must be collected from I Can Read HQ, 445 Bedok North Street 1, #02-04 Princess Theatre Building. Singapore 469661.

  9. Collection time: Daily from 12 to 6pm


Why is I CAN READ® the world’s best reading programme?  Why is I CAN READ® the parent’s system of choice?

Because no other reading programme can make the following claims:

Created by educational psychologists and educators with qualifications including: PhD, BA, MA, Hons, DipEd, Master of Letters, literature, linguistics and psychology majors, (thesis based on research into reading acquisition) and over 20 years of research and field work.

The creators are also the authors of “Dealing with Dyslexia and Other Reading Difficulties” published by Pearson Education.

The I CAN READ programme is backed by statistical data following extensive trials in Singapore and overseas. 
Over 130,000 students have successfully graduated from the programme.

Has been hailed by Professor Brian Byrne (author of “The Alphabetic Principle”) as being in line with current research into optimum ways to teach reading.

It is the only system to incorporate the Adaptive Neurological Linkage©. The ANL is a little known cognitive mechanism that allows anyone using ANL to outlearn and outperform anyone subject to conventional learning methodologies.

If you choose I CAN READ®, you are choosing a reputable system with a 12 year track record, it is the market leader and is supported by professionals in the field.  The evidence is clear: you can’t go wrong with I CAN READ®!


I Can Read Asia is an English Language Training and Literacy education provider based in Singapore. It also operates the I Can Read® (ICR) brand across Asia and Middle East.

The company has over 50 centres in 6 native and non-native English speaking countries across Asia serving more than 15,000 students and is the market leader in Singapore.

At I Can Read® reading is taught through a trademarked and copy-righted methodology suitable for students age 2.5 to 12 to acquire literacy skills like reading, spelling, grammar, comprehension and writing.

Find out more at www.icanread.asia.

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