KSP Win Enrichment Vouchers 2014: About NAFA Arts Kindergarten

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Each winner will receive a $200 voucher from NAFA Arts Kindergarten. We will be picking 10 winners for this sponsor.

Terms & Conditions of voucher usage

  1. Winners can choose from any of the following Arts classes (Speech and Drama, Art, Dance or Music) offered at NAK 2.

  2. Winners will be entitled to attend 10 lessons (1 term).

  3. Timing for the lessons will be allocated by the kindergarten.

  4. Registration for the class must be made at least 2 weeks before the term starts.

  5. Eligible for children 30 months to 6 years old.

  6. Voucher expires June 2015.

  7. Prizes must be collected from NAFA Arts Kindergarten, Derbyshire Campus at No. 2 Derbyshire Road (5 mins walk from United Square at Novena)

  8. Collection time: Monday – Friday , 9 am – 4pm. Closed during lunch from 12 pm -1pm.

There is joy in dance, music and art. We call these activities learning. With this notion in mind, NAFA set out to establish the first Arts kindergarten in Singapore in 2004. NAFA Arts Kindergarten’s (NAK) philosophy is that children are creative thinkers, illustrators and active learner, every child is an artist whose creative potential can be harnessed, hence the arts are an integral component of the curriculum at the kindergarten. The students will attend at least one arts lesson every day, with music lessons twice a week, and specialised dance, art, speech and drama lessons once a week. These lessons are designed and taught by the specialists from the NAFA School of Young Talents renowned for nurturing young artists.

Music Programme

The music programme offered at NAK aims to inspire the children’s interest in music and develop their musical talents through specially designed music program by NAFA School of Young Talents. Children will receive professional training in sight-reading, aural and performance skills.

Art Programme

The Art programme involves the children in basic art making using various mediums to express personal ideas creatively.

Dance Programme

In the Dance programme, the children learn how to express their imaginations and emotions through body movements with rhythm. “

Speech and Drama Programme

This programme provides the children an opportunity to develop creative thinking skills, confidence, stage presence, as well as bilingual public speaking skills in English and Mandarin.

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