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8 Must Know Visual Strategies That Will Help You “See” and Solve Complex Visual Question!

By Mr. Norman Tien

Do you know why students who are strong in logic and reasoning can solve most words problems but yet face challenges with visual questions?

Developed by Norman Tien, one of Singapore’s prominent PSLE Math trainer, the simple-yet-effective strategies are based on his neurocognitive approach to assist students to “see” and solve math visual questions with ease. Drawing upon the Visual & Spatial Enhancement curriculum, a unique and effective programme of Visual Cognitive development and training, the trainer shows how you can guide your child to master the art of solving challenging math visual questions through the use of his innovative strategies.

This invaluable learning programme is a compilation of genuine examination visual questions sieved from various school examination papers, worthwhile of the students’ time. The questions are organised into 8 main Visual strategies. It provides a comprehensive exposure to the different types of challenging visual questions, enabling parents to help their child:

  • Recognise the different properties of challenging visual questions
  • “See” and dissect complex diagrams to simple basic shapes
  • Solve problems easily using proprietary strategies
Click here to experience how simple and effective the strategy is to tackle such a complex question.

Special Offer:

If your child is taking the SA1 next week, please click here to download the Pre-exam assessment papers.

Since the start of the year, your child might have learnt many new concepts in school. However, without adequate revision and practice, your child may not be able to recall and apply the right strategies to solve these questions during the examination.

Our team has studied, identified and put together the common challenges that were faced by many students. We hope that these assessment papers will help in your child’s revision and enable your child to score the marks that he / she truly deserves!

About Mr. Norman Tien

As a Math Specialist with 20 years of Math teaching experience, Mr Norman Tien has helped thousands of students, including underperforming students, achieve excellent results. For over a decade, he investigated the connection between challenging numeric problems, multi-sensory learning, cognitive and psychological responses that allowed him to devise a curriculum to enable many ordinary students to attain extraordinary results. Our Math curriculum at Neuroscholars are the fruits of his decades of experience and knowledge. Starting with helping Primary and Secondary students master and excel in Math, he started offering Numeracy & Thinking enrichment programmes to pre-schoolers, as he sees the importance of starting young to build a strong foundation in Math and Cognitive Thinking.

Committed in achieving professional growth, he attended many courses locally as well as abroad, including areas like Cognitive Psychology, Special Education for the Gifted and for Students with Learning Difficulties, to learn on how to use Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic sensory efficiently to help students leverage on their strengths in Math learning.

Besides training teachers and students, he co-authored the education research paper for the International Pedagogy Conference, presenting to leading researchers and educators, the emergence of new knowledge, technologies and the challenges posed by linguistically and culturally diverse students, initiated by our National Institute of Education’s Centre for Research in Pedagogy & Practice.


Empower Your Child’s Learning Ability with the Right Strategy to Excel in Chinese Language!

By Dr. Frank Koh Hock Kiat

It has been the biggest concern for 90% of Singapore parents that Oral Chinese is the barrier for their children when entering primary school education. With 20 years of experience in teaching Chinese language education, Dr. Frank Koh has not only discovered the root causes of this barrier, but also developed his unique strategies to help students tackle their real fear and excel in Oral Chinese with ease. Additionally, with his specialization, his fun and enriching way of recognizing Chinese characters has been the most efficient technique to prepare your child for Primary school language study.

In this parent seminar, Dr Frank Koh will share with you the

  • Essential tricks to let your child fall in love with Speaking Chinese
  • Fun ways to strengthen your child’s retention in Writing Chinese

The seminar will help you to better understand your child’s learning patterns, moreover, will equip you with various comprehensive techniques to help your child tackle those challenges and excel in future study!

Click here to register online for FREE (Usual price @ $30/pax). This promotion will be ended before 18th May.

About Dr. Frank Koh Hock Kiat

Dr Frank Koh Hock Kiat currently serves as CEO (International) NEUG Education Pte Ltd, the holding company of Neuroscholars and Neuromath.

He was a founder director of Confucius Institute, Nanyang Technological University (CI-NTU) and an Associate Professor of School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS), NTU (1998-2013). Dr Koh was awarded Excellence in Teaching Commendation in 2006 from the National Institute of Education (NIE), NTU and was the Most Outstanding Director of World Confucius Institute in 2011. In addition, he was an Education Officer and the member of Talent Advisory Panel for PA (2001-2011), MOE External Validation of Schools and Moderator of MOE Examination (1989-1992). Under his leadership, Dr Koh played a significant role in enabling CI-NTU to be awarded the Most Advanced Confucius Institute in the World in 2010. Besides his teaching and leadership capabilities, Dr Koh is also a brilliant Chinese writer with the following prestigious awards under his belt: Golden Literary Award (1995); Singapore Teacher’s Writing Award (1992) and Literary Prose Award (1991).

Dr Koh was a scholar under the Singapore Government Overseas Scholarship Program, where he pursued his Bachelor degree in Chinese at the National Taiwan University (1986). Following that, he obtained his Master’s degree of Education (1993) from NIE, National University of Singapore, and Master’s degree of Arts (1995) and Philosophy of Doctor (1998) from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

With his immense wealth of knowledge in the Chinese culture, language and pedagogy, he is taking the learning of the Chinese language to a new dimension by infusing new elements of multiple intelligence, character building and joy of learning!


About Neuroscholars

Neuroscholars is a trusted provider of Mathematics and Chinese Language enrichment programs for Pre School, Primary, Secondary and Integrated Programs students.

Neuroscholars was founded in 2002, then known as Neuromath Learning Centre, by Mr Norman Tien who had over 20 years of experience in delivering Mathematics tuition programs. Thousands of students have benefited from Neuroscholars program and mastered Mathematics with confidence. The Chinese Language program was introduced by co-founder, Dr Koh Hock Kiat who has more than 20 years of experience as an educator. With a deep understanding of Chinese language learning, our program is designed to engage the students to ensure fun and effective learning.

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Upcoming Math Holiday Workshops

Neuroscholars has specially designed the following Holiday Workshops catering for different levels to help your child overcome his/her barriers and gear them up with the most proved effective strategies to excel in Math over the June Holiday.

Level Programme
P3 Model Drawing Workshop
GEP Preparation Part 2
P4 Math Secrets Workshop
P5 Math Secrets Workshop
A* Training Workshop
P6 A* Training Workshop Part 2
PSLE Intensive Revision Module 1
PSLE Intensive Revision Module 2
Sec 1 Algebra Workshop
Sec 2 A-Math Revision Workshop
Sec 3 A-Math Intensive Revision Workshop – Trigonometry

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