Founder of The Learners Council and Ex-RI Department Head Reveals Tips for Producing Top Physics & Math Students

Physics and Mathematics at A-levels and O-levels are generally seen as abstract concepts that are difficult to master. In practice, working away at TYS questions with little understanding may score you a passing grade, but what about a distinction? To find out, we speak to Ms Jasline Hong – Ex-RI Department Head of Physics and founder of leading tuition centre The Learners Council (previously known as The Physics Council), whose students have consistently produced stellar results of 80% A’s under her guidance in the last 3 years. Here are her top 5 tips.

01 Lessons that teach you to score

Knowing exactly what examiners are looking for is key to scoring distinction. Jasline shares that at The Learners Council (TLC), her team of MOE-trained tutors are well-versed with the demands of school syllabus, saying: “We have enough teaching experience to know what examiners are looking for so our goal here is to train students to think independently and answer questions accurately.”

Students learn strategic methods to solving questions. Through these questions, the syllabus gets easier to absorb and understand. Moreover, frequent class tests and timed practices ensure that students are ready for the national examinations. No longer is it just mere practice which students can do on their own but tutors are here to provide guided practice. Being able to critically get to the heart of a question is what sets the A students apart from the B students.

“TLC practice questions have challenged me to reach a greater understanding of the concepts learned.” says Amanda Leow (Class of 2016).

02 Qualified, dedicated teachers who demonstrate their passion  

TLC teachers go the extra mile to ensure students understand and learn. Students can arrange for 1-to-1 consultation sessions after class to clear any doubts. Not very different from private tutoring, tutors can even be reached through WhatsApp.

“I am really thankful for all the physics marathon 4-hour long sessions you had with us, and all the late nights you spent preparing the materials or answering our 1 am study questions. It felt as if you were mugging with us the whole way. And also, I’m really grateful for all the time you have sacrificed with yourself/your family to help us. I don’t think I’ll ever meet a teacher as amazing as you and I’ll miss you so much after finishing As,” shares Kristen Tay (Class of 2018)

03 Fast Tracks, Headstarts, Crash courses – confidence boosters

Nearing exams, TLC’s intensive revision programme is “intensive” as it thoroughly recaps. During this crucial period, tutors work extra hard to pick out common and challenging questions and ensure students cover their bases. Extra attention is given to weak students, and stronger students are given ample challenging questions. Summarized notes, timed practices, top school’s exam questions, after-class support and more, TLC pulls out all the stops to ensure students are 200% prepared for exams.

04 Ample preparation

Another key to success is preparation. Most students register and start studying even before the term begins! Students enrolled in “Headstart” have an upper hand and “fast track” science and math for lower-sec students help them prepare for upper sec.

05 Tutors inspire a love for subjects

“Effective learning in the classroom depends on the teacher’s ability to maintain the interest that brought students to the course in the first place” (Ericksen, 1978)

Ultimately, the secret to succeeding in school is to be able to enjoy the lessons and to find a love for the subject. TLC has a knack for inspiring our students’ love for the subject. Dedication shown by our teachers fuels students’ love for the subject and desire to excel, thereby allowing them to take effort to reciprocate the extra mile teachers put in for them and this kicks off a positive cycle in student learning.

The parent of Joy Pang, graduating student from Fairfield Methodist Secondary School, Graduating Class of 2016 has this to say: …I want to thank you for igniting Joy’s passion in Physics. Her Physics grade has improved from E8 last year SA2 to B4 this year SA1. It’s definitely a big confidence booster for her and she is now aiming to get A1 for her SA2 and O level. Credit goes to you and we truly appreciate your effort!

The Learners Council is accepting registrations for 2019 “Headstart” Classes. 

Registrations will close once seats are filled.

Regular weekly tuition programs for O and A-Levels are also available on their website:  Alternatively, you may contact Ms Hong at Mobile: (+65) 82924288, or Office: (+65) 6909 0701.

About The Learners Council

Formerly known as The Physics Council, The Learners Council is an expanded tuition centre catering to O and A-level students in Physics and Maths. It also offers programs for primary and lower secondary school students in math and science. Click here to learn more.

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