Learning Chinese via VCD/DVD – Han Zi Gong

Learning language is all about environment, usage, practice. People will complaint that there is no one speaking chinese at home to cause the child’s weakness in chinese. Rather than drill to learning chinese, why not using the normal media – VCD/DVD to learn chinese. "Han Zi Gong" 汉字宫 – A revolutionary Chinese video encyclopedia that makes learning Chinese characters simple, effective and enjoyable. The "Shuangfu method" uses a logical approach to help you understand how Chinese characters are formed and used. Han Zi Gong will enable you to clearly understand and remember the Chinese characters, thus increasing your proficiency in Chinese language. * A breakthrough method for mastering Chinese characters. * Integrates visual imagery with artistic representations in a logic approach * Develop a super memor for Chinese characters brought to life through ively illustrations and stories, captivating graphics and entertaining videos. * Researched scientifically with numerous references to Geography, Plant, Animal, Biology, Astronomy, History and Anthropology. * Increase general knowledge and cultivate appreciation for Chinese language and Culture. Chinese Video Encyclopedia: * Every 6-minute episode teaches 4 to 9 Chinese characters * Learn mote than 3.000 Chinese characters * Comes with English & Chinese subtitles * 720 episodes in VCD or DVD * 300-page Handbook Price at $399. You can find them @popular bookstore or book event.

Excellent product - Han Zi Gong

   I have used this product for my 3 children and I find this to be an excellent product. Although we only speak English at home, using the product during their primary school days have given them a strong foundation in the Chinese language, so much so that they have all scored Distinctions for Higher Chinese at O levels. I am very thankful for this product!!

   As my children have grown up already, I still have this excellent like new set (we used it very carefully) for sale to benefit a new family.

   If you like to purchase this excellent set, just email me at ooptimizer@yahoo.com with your hp number. Thank you and hope you will benefit greatly as we did also!!!



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