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Learning to Ride a Bicycle

Like swimming, Daddy view biking as a fundamental life skill. Imagine, if our kids cannot swim or ride, how much fun will they be missing !

Step 1.
Mount bike, kids must be able to tip toe on bike.
If bike frame is too short, kid will struggle to peddle.

Step 1a. Get a helmet. Our kids are not as rugged as yesterday’s kids, and we parents do not want them to get unnecessary bumps keke

Step 2. Look infront. (Easier than done) Look front again.

Step 3. Peddle ! Kids always forget to peddle due to fear of falling. Without motion, how can a bike balance?

Step 4. Let kids know it is ok to fall down. It is more important to know why and how they fell. Falling down is part and parcel of learning.

Step 5. Learn how to brake, park and bell along the way.

Learning to ride a bike is like going through our life cycle.
Everybody has to learn from scratch, make mistakes, learn from experience, and make our lives better.
Then go back to Step 1 again

 It might look daunting to pickup cycling, but with persistence and patience, every kid can pickup the skill to a healthier lifestyle.


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