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Lego – The Adventures of Clutch Powers

DS is a LEGO Fanatic. When I learnt about the pending launch of this DVD, I have been keeping a lookout for it. A few weeks back it finally hit the shelves here; in US-version, local version (about S$22) and China version (less than S$10).

DS was thrilled and the first night we watched it twice. I have lost count how many times he had watched it since then. He had lots of fun spotting his toys amongst the action of the overall superb animation.

The story starred “Clutch Powers”, the best builder and explorer in the LEGO universe as he heads off with his team of LEGO experts to round up escaped criminals. Their adventure leads them from LEGO City to the Space Police prison planet to the medieval world of Ashlar, where they must help the rightful heir to the King’s throne to find courage to regain the kingdom from the evil wizard Mallock the Malign. Their brick-building skiils will be put to the ultimate test as they face off against Mallock’s skeleton army. There is also a short adventure involving crystal monsters from power miners series.

The story is fun and jumps around the LEGO universe in a ridiculous fashion, the humour is overall perfect for the age group this is aimed at and fun for those still young at heart. I had fun watching it with DS.

However, there are some words used in the movie that are not so appropriate to me, eg “stupid”, “idiot”. But this is quite subjective.

Overall, I would recommend this DVD to daddies and mummies to watch it with their LEGO fanatic DS & DD.

The trailers are available on the official website here




Thanks for sharing!

Will check it out.

Thanks for the review tankee. Must’ve missed since it was shared some time ago liao. Will make effort to check it out! Cheerios!

My DS And I are huge Lego

My DS And I are huge Lego fans… DS watches about 12 times.. Lol

wow!!! cool man!!! DS and I

wow!!! cool man!!! DS and I (yes me, not DH, no typo) are big fan of lego. must go get the DVD.

Thanks for sharing 🙂

there is child in each and

there is child in each and every adult. 😉

DS loved this movie and

DS loved this movie and watched it several times. He even used his lego to act out the movie.

I’m sure your DD & DH will love it.

have fun !

My DH and DD are Lego

My DH and DD are Lego fanatics too. I’m sure they will enjoy this! Thanks for sharing, Tankee.

Actually I am the playful

Actually I am the playful one….Everyday I pass this Lego shop and everyday I am thinking what I can buy for myself to play so this video will help me…kekeke

Better late than never

Like its said.. better late than never.. good its now on portal!!

Thank for sharing with us!

Thank for sharing with us!

I had actually posted in the

I had actually posted in the forum in Jul last year when the DVD had just been released.

I am pleasantly surprised that it was published on the portal today.

Thanks for Sharing

Thanks for sharing this wonderful news!!

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