Leslie Patricelli’s board books

Sometimes, it is easier to teach little children how to behave and concepts  through books and stories. Leslie Patricelli is one such author. According to a reviewer on Amazon.com, " All of Leslie Patricelli’s board books are primers on how to behave. Call them required reading for "Toddler 101." "

No No Yes Yes
  " the library in my neighbourhood had this new book recently which i feel is very useful in explaining desired and undesired behaviours. you may want to give it a try." Jedamum

On each page the baby is doing an activity. On the left side it’s a No, No activity like eating dog food or putting toys in the toilet, on the right side it’s a corresponding Yes, Yes activity like eating a banana or using the potty for its intended use. It’s a very clear message to young kids on what to do and what not to do.

Quiet Loud 
The book illustrates the concept of quiet and loud in a captiivating way. The parent can animate the reading of it from a whisper to a shout, mimicking that illustration on the front of the babie’s lungs.


Yummy Yucky Spaghetti is yummy, but worms – and blue crayons, and sand, are definitely yucky when tasted. This book is useful to explain to a toddler at an age when he was eating anything else he could get into his mouth. A fun way to explain why we don’t eat sand, kitty litter, or worms.





tks for sharing

tks for sharing

Yummy Yucky

My girls and i especially like Yummy Yucky.

As the girls were growing up, they liked to

put stuff they find on the floor (while crawling)

into their mouths. As the pictures are rather

vivid, i find children understand the pictures

almost immediately. Ya know like garbage

with flies are yucky… and spaghetti is yummy.

Their favourite chuckle is about boogers are

yucky! Kinda reminds me of Chief in his nose-

shit stint in the 3 WORD STORY thread started

by VitoRelax. 


tks for sharing.

tks for sharing.

was searching for something

was searching for something nice for the little one.  Now I will make sure that I go to the Library to borrow these!

Thanks for the recommendation!


Hi mintcc, jedamum

okie, gotta confess, never heard of this author

But … hee hee, after the recommendation, I will certainly go and check these books out


Nice bokks for the young readers.

Hi, nice selection , mine is 6. she still love thoes picture, board books. she doesnt like the chapter books. ye I accept buds comment as well.

thank NLB for the good

thank NLB for the good books and they  (at least for the branch library that i frequent) even update their ‘latest books’ section everyday.

mintcc is kiasuproductscout? 


Hokay! Hehee.. Thanks jedamum!  bÜds

very good recommentdation.

very good recommentdation. đŸ™‚ Buds not me lah, jeda mum recommend one. Thanks Jedamum!

Good recommendation!

When my girls were younger and i just started out being SAHM, i brought them to the library a lot. Limited resources mah.. Hehee.. And my girls and i would often giggle over her books each time we get to pick them up. The funny yet silly pictures tickle them a lot. And since the books are written so simple and straightforward, the objective of the books can easily be understood by children of any age. As the books are mostly hardcover, i also don’t worry when they keep picking them up to read and re-read over and over again… library books ya know, must take extra care, lest i kena fine… again.

Good recommendation, mintcc. 


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