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Are you familiar with The Young Scientists? We know many of you parents have been subscribing to the popular magazine for your children.

“Young Scientist mags are indeed a fun read with children… Colourfully illustrated and with a somewhat local flavour, children can well relate to (the topics) well, if not better,” commented one parent on the KiasuParents forum.

If your children too have enjoyed The Young Scientist, they will probably love the newly launched Smart Mathematicians. Published by the same publishing firm behind the science publication, Smart Mathematicians aims to promote the learning of Math among primary school children using exciting and engaging methods.

Many a times, students shun away from Math mainly due to its complexity. They struggle to comprehend the application of mathematical concepts and are bored by the countless practices that they are made to do without full understanding. 

Smart Mathematicians is a fun-filled monthly subscription math comic launched in conjunction with the Ministry of Education (MOE) primary school math curriculum. The series provides a wholesome introduction to the mathematical concepts of Numerical, Geometrical, Algebraic and Statistical through colourful illustrations, well-constructed short stories and mind blogging Maths trivia.

Through colourfully illustrated comics and simple text, students will be better engaged to grasp a Math concept with points of inference hence building up their understanding and confidence. 

The stories allow the child to follow through with the development of the mathematical concepts step by step, minimizing the chances of the child getting lost at any point. Key information is also reinforced through the use of attractive graphic visuals.

For example, in the inaugural January 2016 edition of the magazine for lower primary students, a comic strip, with a story about a brother and sister going out to buy pizza, illustrates the concept of Fractions and how to compare different numerators and denominators.

In another edition for Upper Primary students, the story ‘Old Mr Kim Has A Farm’ teaches Plane Geometry by showing how a farmer can equally divide up a piece of land for his four sons.

Supplementary exercises are incorporated to further challenge the child’s understanding, confidence and speed in solving mathematical questions. Smart Mathematicians is the only Mathematics comics series that complies with the Singapore MOE primary syllabus. Moreover, Math Olympiad questions are also included to spice up the challenge.  

The periodical is released each month in two versions – one for Lower Primary and another for Upper Primary.

In the near future, students will be able to view the step-by-step solutions to the questions at www.youngscientistsreader.com.sg.

Find out more about subscription here.

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