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Let your child have fun (while learning)!

‘How can I improve my child’s confidence and language skills?’ is a common question posed by parents.

Our answer? Make sure they are having fun!

Kids learn best when they are having fun. They absorb faster and remember the most when they are interested and engaged. We know that having interest is the best motivation for learning.

Enrichment classes presented by Singapore Media Academy have been specially designed so children learn through media and the performing arts. Our curriculum is specially designed to make learning fun while developing important soft skills. The academy has not only nurtured batches of interested learners, stars have been made by the academy.

Producers of television programmes and serials have been so impressed, they have approached Singapore Media Academy to offer roles for kids from the academy, like  educational programmes Mat Yoyo and Ollie & Friends, comedy variety programme Laughing Out Loud 《笑笑没烦恼》, kids’ drama Little Detective 《芝麻小侦探》 and  Singapore Children’s Society Charity Show 《童心童意献爱心》. Through drama and theatrical exercises, children learn become more creative and expressive. They develop interaction, collaborative skills and a sense of teamwork.

Through tongue twisters and poems, imitating animals and reciting passages, kids develop a keen interest in learning the language and they also become more expressive and articulate communicators.

Parents have shared that their children have not merely improved in their grades, they have shown a heightened interest in the language and culture.

Singapore Media Academy offers weekly Term Courses throughout the year.

Term Courses

Bubbling Talents (6 to 12 years old)

A brand new performing arts talent training course specially tailored for children with the passion, potential, and verve to appear in TV and film. Grounded in acting, it also provides ample emphasis on other performing art forms like music and dance, training well-rounded performers who enjoy opportunities to perform on various platforms.

Kidz Talkin’ (4 to 8 years old)

This course aims to nurture eloquent, articulate, responsive, creative and confident communicators. Students learn to develop their speech with pitch, pace, power and pauses, coupled with appropriate body language such as posture and hand gestures.

Mandarin Nurturing Course (4 to 12 years)

Their hallmark language nurturing courses incorporate edutainment into a unique media-based curriculum, with elements of performing arts. Using theme-based and progressive learning, the interactive curriculum lets children progress from level to level systematically every year.

The course also aims to develop students socially, emotionally and intellectually, while facilitating language learning through areas such as social etiquette, self expression, language games, pronunciation, performing art appreciation and new media content creation.

For more information, visit to find out more about Singapore Media Academy’s programmes for children.


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