Let Your Kids Explore The World With Junior Explorers

Junior Explorers is a US- and Singapore-based social enterprise that aims to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards by teaching young kids about the natural world and the animals that inhabit it. The approach taken by them focuses on the ‘learning through play’ ideal, and the program they have developed fully embodies that spirit.

The Junior Explorers Club is a monthly subscription based program for primary school kids between the ages of 6 and 11. This is a first-of-its-kind award-winning enrichment program that helps to teach kids about the world’s wildlife and ecosystems, by taking them on exciting adventures every month, called Missions. The kids will undertake adventures such as searching for missing polar bears in the Arctic, witnessing the Great Migration in the Serengeti plains of Africa and learning about the world’s great rainforest systems like the Amazon and Borneo.

Each Mission starts at home, with a Mission Kit that arrives in the mail. The kits contain cool collectibles, fun toys and educational activities themed around that month’s mission. The kits provide a tangible aspect to the program, and also add an element of fun through the various toys and tools that kids collect as they get each new kit.

The Mission then progresses online, where the children go on their monthly adventure with two animated characters Kia and Kyle. The online experiences are packed with educational value, and are highly interactive. The children will play fun and interesting games, and also enjoy a lot of interactive learning experiences every month. The Missions are set up in such a way that children are able to save their progress and continue from where they left off later in the month. The Missions also incorporate a component called Mission Giveback. Through Mission Giveback, the kids allocate a portion of their Mission Points to NGOs that are doing frontline conservation work in the ecosystems the kids learn about each month. Junior Explorers then donates real money to these NGOs, for every point given in game by every child.

Truly a one of a kind enrichment program, Junior Explorers aims to arm the children of today with the correct knowledge and a deep understanding of the planet’s animals and habitats, so that they will be better informed when they are older and will be dealing with issues like conservation head on. However, a big emphasis is placed on the fun aspect of the program, as they feel that the best way for kids to learn is by genuinely enjoying themselves and inculcating a love for the subjects at a young age. True to the theme of exploration, the program allows children to also develop their own inquisitiveness and gain an understanding of the world around them.

Junior Explorers is the perfect solution for parents who are looking for enriching educational programs that will teach their children about important social issues. The subscription cost is as follows:

  1. Monthly Subscription: $24.99 per month
  2. 3 Month Subscription: $22.33 per month
  3. 6 Month Subscription: $21.50 per month
  4. 12 Month Subscription: $20 per month

For more information, visit www.juniorexplorers.com/sg.

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