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Life After PSLE Seminar by Kelly Phua – Adam Khoo Learning Centre

 adam sign upRecount from a participant of PSLE Seminar
Kelly recounts the empowering beliefs and exam skills that she had picked up from the 3-day PSLE Seminar organised by Adam Khoo Learning Centre. It was a wake-up call for her to work hard for the PSLE.

Picture of KellyWhen my Dad first asked me if I wanted to attend the PSLE seminar, I was reluctant. I thought it was going to be a boring workshop. I was wrong. The seminar was fun and meaningful. I learnt various exam skills and study techniques such as: drawing informative mind-maps, easy methods to solve tough word problems and effective time management skills.

Life changing experience

Furthermore, the seminar gave me a huge wake-up call as to how precious little time I had left to prepare for my PSLE. It was only after the PSLE seminar that I started to motivate myself to work hard for PSLE.

Even after discovering several effective methods for scoring well for Maths from the seminar, I was still eager to learn more. Hence, Dad signed me up for classes at Adam Khoo Learning Centre.

Developing a love for learning Maths

AKLC Maths classes are always enjoyable and have helped me develop an interest in Maths. I have truly benefited from the classes because I can consistently score distinctions now.

To teach is to learn twice

After graduating, I returned to the PSLE Seminar as Programme Director rather than a participant. I gained yet invaluable new experiences honing my leadership and organisational skills. As the Programme Director, I learnt first-hand how a massive public event, such as AKLC PSLE Seminar which is attended by more than 800 participants and parents annually, is planned and executed. For instance, I had to handle the minute by minute coordination for the different segments of the event. I learnt to give clear instructions when delegating tasks to more than 30 facilitators and student coaches. In addition, I also learnt how to focus on to delegate different roles and responsivities to various individuals according to their strengths.

Learning beyond classroom

The experiences I gained through my journey with Adam Khoo Learning Centre have benefited me in life. I utilise the study techniques whenever I am preparing for my examinations. I will also not forget the life skills, such as being flexible to changes, speaking confidently and inspiring people around me by giving my best at all times. I believe all these skills will serve me well in my future endeavours”.

Kelly is a recipient of the MOE teaching awards and is currently pursuing her dreams in life while taking her degree in Chemistry at the National University of Singapore. She will embark on her exciting journey to teach in a Primary School upon graduation.


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