Little Miss Singapore Cinderella 2007

There was a question in the forums about where to send kids for acting or modeling.  Assuming you are into such things, here’s an example of a modeling competition for kids.

I wonder if ERM Singapore is going to hold another one this year.

Little Miss Singapore Cinderella 2007

This is the 8th presentation of this event.

This is the first time that the contest is opened to little girls and boys between the age of 4 to 6 years and 7 to 10 years old.

They will be judged on beauty, photogenic qualities, modeling skills and talent.

The overall winner will represent Singapore in the Cinderella International Scholarship Contest in July 2007 in USA.  The overall winner may elect one parent, who will be sponsored to accompany their daughter to the contest in USA and the basic expenses will be paid for.  The grand final will be held in June 2007 school holidays.

LITTLE MISS SINGAPORE CINDERELLA 2007 competition is open to all eligible girls in Singapore and the qualification for eligibility is that each applicant is as follows:

There are two categories:

  • Shall be eligible in either of the following Group 1 – from 4 – 6 years of age and Group 2 – from 7 – 9 years of age as at 1st June 2007.
  • Who is female and of a good moral character.
  • Shall be the citizen of Singapore or a permanent resident of Singapore.  (Permanent resident must continue to reside in Singapore for at least one year from the date of winning the LITTLE MISS SINGAPORE CINDERELLA 2007 contest).  An entry fee of S$ 25.00 applies. And Cheques are made payable to "Little Miss Singapore Contest".