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Living a Rich Simple Life

When I read from the papers that Nick Vujicic, the missionary who was born without limbs, is coming to Singapore, I was thrilled. I have read his books and was deeply inspired by his extraordinary life and how he had overcome all odds to be what he is today.

But before I could take any action, tickets to his talk had all been snapped up.  They aren’t cheap either. Perhaps most people want to meet him out of plain curosity, but I really want to thank him in person for being a strong motivation and inspiration to me through his books and life.

Whenever I meet any injustice or heartache in life, I always bring to mind Vujicic and tell myself, “What can be worse than what this guy had to endure?” I also remind myself that there will always be light at the end of the tunnel; or a rainbow after a heavy thunderstorm, just like how God has blessed Vujicic with a beautiful wife who loves him and an adorable baby son.

Sometimes, we think we need a lot of possessions or to be somebody in order to be happy. But I realised in one of my recent housecleaning that I actually don’t need a lot of things to be happy. I have had to throw out a lot of stuff that I didn’t even know I kept all these years. I have never used or touched them for years and I probably never will. After a little hesitation because of their sentimental value, I decided to throw, sell or give them away to make more space in our small home. And I was surprised that it actually felt good to declutter my life! I didn’t feel less happy or secure because I have less things now. It was a revelation to me that I don’t need to have a lot to be happy.

Never mind I don’t have a maid and have to take care of my child and do house chores myself; and I don’t have Instagram, Twitter or even a smartphone as I only need a simple phone for smses and calls. I also don’t believe in adding hundreds or thousands of ‘friends’, whom I would hardly or never contact, to my Facebook. To me, a few good friends who truly stand by me through thick and thin is good enough. Simplicity sometimes can be bliss.

But living a simple life is not only about keeping our possessions to the basics and throwing away physical junk in our lives. It also means keeping our minds clear from emotional baggages and distancing ourselves from people or things that have a negative effect or influence on our lives. That is perhaps the harder part to do for many of us, but I truly believe we can live a simple yet rich (read: meaningful, purposeful) life if we aspire enough to take action towards it.



I too wanted to catch a look to my favourite motivator but the tickets were sold out before I could lay my hands on to them.I was very disapointed cause I hope I could hear him in person.As what you said Angelight happiness can be the simplest things that happen everyday,like getting to see my brothers and my parents safety at my humble small HDB house.Going to school to see my friends which always bring me smile to my days in the school.This is my last year and I hope I still can see them and meet them too!

Happiness can be simple.                                                     It can be easy.                                                             It does not need a lot of money                                       It does not need a lot of things                                       All it needs

A little smile is all you need to be happy.

How to declutter?

I agree with what has been said above but my biggest challenge has been on how really to de-clutter? How to decide what to give away be what to keep?

And who to give to? I used to give to the Salvation Army, but I was not too impressed with their ‘receiving’ stations.


I totally agree with you,

I totally agree with you, especially the last 3 sentences – living with less = neater, uncluttered home = more savings for rainy days! 

Yes, it's not easy to

Yes, it’s not easy to simplify and declutter our lives, especially in this world of consumerism where we tend to compare with what others have that we do not have, and the kiasu mentality of not wanting to lose out to others. But I realized that its only when I stop comparing and just be grateful for what I have, that life seems a lot less complicated and more fulfilling. 

Agreed. I started on a

Agreed. I started on a decluttering exercise at home to make space for no. 2. I ended up throwing, giving away things I nvr even knew I owned. If I could I think I wld just keep a basic wardrobe since I ve stopped work and only wear a few pcs of maternity clothes when I go out. Alas! I decided I had to keep some clothes postnatal rite lol!

I suspect many of us r victims of consumerism. We think we absolutely need to buy that one more dress or pair of shoes when so many sit at home untouched n unused. If we keep our expenditure and purchases to the minimum that is truly needed, our homes will be neater, our bank accounts less poor and then maybe we wld find simple joy and contentment in a truly simple life.

I subscribe to your views

I subscribe to your views about keeping our lives simple. It is that simple…to stay truly happy! By living our lives simply, it not only let us taste the real essence of what life has to offer, it also helps us stay focused on what is truly important to us while living, without those unneccesary worldly distractions. Whatever missions or tasks we have set our hearts to do, we shall accomplish them.

People who live their lives simply lead more purpose-driven lives. They are less stressful, more driven and ultimately happier and contented because they learn to simplify their decisions and focus their energy on the right things that really matter to them. They understand the true essence of living, that is, reaping more despite living with less.



Not easy but something to

Not easy but something to work towards. Good article.


I agree with you Angelight. Happiness seems to be simply a state that we can bring ourselves to experience by slowing down and thinking positively.

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