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If you subscribe to the belief that children learn best when they experience the learning process themselves, you might wish to find out a little bit more about how it can be done professionally.
LogicMills has kindly agreed to host a series of workshops for parents of, at no charge to KSP members.

During these workshops, parents will be given a preview of some of the techniques that LogicMills uses to engage children and train them to think out of the box.  That’s the higher ordered thinking (HOT) which children are now expected to demonstrate as they take on the PSLE Math, English and Science papers.  The techniques were used to train over 20,000 students in 80 Primary schools and have been proven to improve the grades of children by up to 30%.  What’s more, students displayed greater ability to think for themselves when encountering unstructured problems.

The agenda is as follows:
4:00pm  Registration
4:15pm  Welcome and Preview of LogicMill’s Curricula
5:00pm  Q&A
6:30pm  Wrap up

The dates for the workshops are on the following Saturdays:
8 Dec 2012
15 Dec 2012
22 Dec 2012

1 Goldhill Plaza, #03-01, Podium Block
Singapore 308899

If you are looking for a non-“tuition-based” way of helping your kids gain HOT, this is a golden opportunity to learn how it can be done.  Don’t miss it!

If you are interested, please PM me with the following details:
1) Date of Workshop you are attending
2) Names of adults attending
3) Names and ages of accompanying children

As we can only accomodate up to 10 parents per workshop, please sign up early to avoid disappointment.

Thank you!

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I suggested to Logic Mills to

I suggested to Logic Mills to do parenting workshop on how to teach kids higher ordered thinking.  It would be some skills that parents can learn and take back with them to teach their kids.  They are still working it out.

You did?  My DD was there too

You did?  My DD was there too and she came back buzzing with loads of stuff to do at home with her brother.  I guess she really loved it too.

I had enrolled my 3 kids for

I had enrolled my 3 kids for Dec holiday 4 day session. The kids enjoyed it thoroughly as they offered variety of activities.Highly recommended!

I am interested too..

Miss the boat..any session coming soon?

any more seminars?


I guess i missed seeing this post earlier and therefore missed the seminars.

Please inform if other seminars sessions are being held for the same subject. 

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