Logico – logic thinking book and toy

This book series+ toy contain 32 books with 1024 activities/games One Logico board (Rando) with 6 buttons (for 3 to 7 years) One Logico board (Piccolo) with 10 buttons (for 5/6 to 10 years) It wins 1994 and 2002 WORLDDIDAC Silver Award, 2000 Netherlands GAME OF THE YEAR 2000 Award. Currently there are about 38 countries around the world using the LOGICO. It will not only improve children’s logic thinking, but also enhance the eye and hand coordination. My girl can enjoy learning and playing with it for hours. Definately a great toys for 3-7 years old. There are two version selling in the market, one is chinese version, the other one is english version. Chinese version is much cheaper.
Selling Price about $123.50/set @Maha you yi bookstore at bras basah. You can get Individual packs for different level. Level One: 3 – 4 years old Book 1: Colors and Shapes Book 2: Count and Compare Book 3: A Day of Lisa and Tim (Image & Colors) Book 4: We Draw, We Paste, We Build (Shapes and Colors) Level Two: 4 – 5 years old Book 5: Traffice Knowledge Book 6: Our Pets (Recognize home pets, count, compare and position Book 7: Observation and Memory Linking Book 8: Observation and Awareness Book 9: Kids’ Activity Room (Shapes, Colors, Sizes, Categorize and Sequence) Book 10: Let’s Dress Up (Colors and Patterns, Observation) Level Three: 5– 6 years old Book 11: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter (Season Knowledge and Logical Sequence) Book 12: Logical Game (Space Positioning and Sequence) Book 13: In the Zoo (Recognize Animals, Understand and Judgments Book 14: In the Village (Farm Animals: Count, Compare and Categorize Book 15: Traffic Knowledge (Traffice Rules and Safety) Book 16: Count and Numbers (Recognizing and Counting Numbers within 10 Level Four: 6 – 7 years old Book 17: Circus (Observe, Understand and Judgments) Book 18: Wording Game (Recognize Words, Farming Phrases, Memory Linking Book 19: Counting Game (Count, Add and Subtract Numbers below 12 Book 20: Discovery and Memory Linking (Sequencing and Categorizing) Book 21: Having Fun Shopping (Observing and Categorizing) Book 22: Counting Game 1 (Formation, Addition and Subtraction of Numbers below 12 Book 23: Counting Game 2 (Formation, Addtion and Subtraction of Numbers below 20 Advanced level: 6 years and above Book 24: Shape and Space Position Book 25: Tracing Book 26: Observation and Imagination Book 27: Perception Book 28: Discovering, Memory Linking and Judging Book 29: Shapes and Numbers Book 30: Observe and Match Book 31: Wording Game Book 32: Addition and Subtration to 20 32本彩图教材 (共有1024个游戏) 2块智力魔板 荣获欧洲教育基金大奖 1994/2002 荣获荷兰游戏学具大奖 2000 荣获德国优质教材金奖 2002 目前全世界已有38个国家和地区正在广泛推广和使用 第一阶段:适合3~4岁 第1册: 《色彩与形状》 第2册:《数数和比较》 第3册:《丽莎和泰姆的一天》 第4册:《我们画,我们贴,我们建》 第二阶段:适合4~5岁 第5册:《交通常识》 第6册:《我们的宠物》 第7册:《观察与联想》 第8册:《观察与注意》 第9册:《在儿童活动室里》 第10册:《我们就这么穿衣》 第三阶段:适合5~6岁 第11册:《春、夏、秋、冬》 第12册:《逻辑游戏》 第13册:《在动物园》 第14册:《在农庄里》 第15册:《交通常识》 第16册:《数与数字》 第四阶段:适合6~7岁 第17册:《看马戏》 第18册:《字、词游戏》 第19册:《数字游戏》 第20册:《发现和联想》 第21册:《买东西真有趣》 第22册:《计算游戏 1》 第23册:《计算游戏 2》 第五阶段:强化训练 第24册:《图形空间方位》 第25册:《找线索》 第26册:《观察与想象》 第27册:《察与理解》 第28册:《发现、联想与判断》 第29册:《图形与数量》 第30册:《感知与辨别》 第31册:《字、词游戏》 第32册:《20以内的加减》

Learning logic


These products look interesting for kids who are keen to hone their logical thinking skills.





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