Make Your Own Mooncakes with Your Kids!

Mid-autumn festival is just round the corner and all the kids are looking forward to exhibiting their fanciful lanterns and enjoying the mooncakes. It’s also a bonding time for the family. As my kids find the retail mooncakes too sweet, I choose to make our own using ingredients catered more for the kids. Not only is it economical, my kids like the mooncakes very much since they get to participate in making them too.

Making kid-friendly mooncakes is simple and easy. Have a go with your kids using these simple step-by-step guides. All the ingredients can be easily bought from Phoon Huat, which is a leading wholesale supplier of bakery, beverage and confectionery ingredients.


Recipe 1 (Snow Skin Mooncake)

This recipe is hassle free and most kids can participate in the mooncake making as it takes only three simple steps.

– 1,000 grams of snow skin premix

– 400 to 450 ml of water

– 200 grams of shortening

– Ready-made red bean paste

1. Mix the snow skin premix with water and shortening. You can add flavourings and colourings to the snow skin dough. Let the snow skin dough rest for 15 to 50 minutes.

2. Roll the snow skin dough into a ball and use the roller to press the ball of dough flat.

3. Use the snow skin dough to wrap around the red bean paste and press the entire ball into the mooncake mould.

Ta-dah, the snowskin mooncake is all ready!


Recipe 2 (Jelly Mooncake) 

Kids will simply love this recipe with the yummy jelly and their favourite fruit juice added to the jelly.

– 1 packet of Konnyaku premix jelly powder (choose your kid’s favourite flavour e.g. lychee, mango, strawberry, blueberry)

– 500 ml of water

– 1 can of lychee / logan / cocktail / your kid’s favourite fruits

1. Following the recommended proportions according to the packaged Konnyaku premix jelly powder, pour the premix jelly powder into a pot of 500 ml of water and stir till the mixture boils.

2. Pour the boiling jelly mixture into the mooncake mould and add the lychee / longan / cocktail / fruits into the jelly mixture which is in the mould.

3. Place the mould of jelly mooncakes in the refrigerator and they will be ready to eat on the very next day.

Jelly mooncakes ready for the kids.


Recipe 3 (Piglet Mooncakes) 

Cute little piglet mooncakes will attract the kids to enjoying eating them. You will see the smile on their faces when the piglet mooncakes are brought out fresh from the oven.

– 110 grams of top flour 

– 25 ml of oil

– 1/2 teaspoon of alkaline water

– 60 grams of golden syrup

– 1 egg yolk

1. Preheat the oven at 180 degrees for 10 minutes.

2. Pour the oil, golden syrup and alkaline water into a big bowl and mix them together.

3. Pour the flour in and mix till it forms a soft dough.

4. Wrap and chill the dough for at least 2 hours or maximum 3 days before shaping into the piglet shapes.

5. Brush the piglets with egg and bake for about 15 minutes till they are golden brown.

7. The piglet mooncakes are ready for eating after cooling on the wire rack.


Come and explore making mooncakes with your little ones using these recipes. You can adjust the ingredients based on your kid’s taste bud and likings. Feel free to share with us more kid-friendly recipes or mooncakes that the little ones might like in this mooncakes forum thread.