Making Ice Cream At Home

I have tried to make ice cream at home with 3 little ones recently. We have great fun.   I enjoyed the process of making this ice cream with my kids. So do them. Of course may be they found a chance to taste a little bit of the yummy chocolate/milk mixture, whipped cream and chocolate chips when they help me to stir or mix it.

It tasted very nice and smooth. But don’t keep more than 2 weeks as no preservative added. Share the recipe here:


  1. 3 egg yolks
  2. 40g sugar
  3. 1 tsp corn flour
  4. 170g fresh milk
  5. 1 tsp vanilla essence
  6. 100g cooking chocolate
  7. 220g non-dairy whipping cream ( available from Phoon Huat)
  8. 50g chocolate chips (optional)

1. Beat egg yolks sugar and corn flour until sugar has dissolved and pale in a pot.

2. Add in fresh milk, vanilla essence and cooking chocolate.

3. Boil the mixture and stir and cook at low heat until chocolate has melted and slightly thicken. Remove from heat and leave to cool.

4. In another bowl, whisk non-dairy whipping cream until stiff. Then fold into the cooled milk mixture.

5. Stir in chocolate chips (optional) and mix well.

6. Pour into a container and freeze for 3 hours. Take out from fridge, whisk the mixture again until smooth. Then freeze again until set.


You are definitely more

You are definitely more experience than me in making ice cream with ice cream maker! I don’t use (don’t have) ice cream maker. I just use simple method to make simple, nice and smooth ice cream, and have fun with my kids… hehe…  
I use whisking machine to whip the whipping cream till its stiff. As the recipe requires non dairy whipping cream, it is quite easy to whip it up.
For dairy whipping cream, it is not easy to do so as if over whipped, the cream will be separated. Hope it helps…

It definitely helps alot!!!

It definitely helps alot!!! I’ve tried Greenfield’s whipped cream and if the recipe needs to whip till stiff, thats what happens when i start to fold in the rest of the ingredients….thanx!! guess i have to make a trip to phoon huat to buy the non dairy one….

I never tried those

I never tried those sweetener suitable for old folks who are diabetics, MMM. Thanks! I wanna try it out one day.  Then my mil will dare to try to have more of my homemade ice cream… hehehe.
Fyi, the non daily  whipping cream was not so sweet.  That’s why this recipe needs to add 40g of sugar.

my favourite subject... has

my favourite subject… has been making ice cream using ice cream maker….so far tried chocolate, oreo, strawberry, banana, vanilla flavours. a nice way to engage the kids without too much mess. though i prefer eggless recipes. just a question how did you achieved the stiffness for whipping cream?

Glad to hear that, CMF!

Glad to hear that, CMF! Really happy that your kids enjoyed the process of making this ice cream too!!  Good trying huh… hehe…

Thanks for sharing! I tried

Thanks for sharing! I tried the recipe over the weekend with my kids (and yes they loved tasting while "helping") and it was yummy!

Altho I have to admit that cos I didn’t know how to measure in "g’ the milk and whisking cream, I did the equivalent in "ml" and it came out fine too.

Wow! Nice, GreenQ!

GreenQ : Wow, nice one!

Amylqf : Hey, me too! So far only ice lollies..

MMM : Sticky Chewy is my favourite too! With lots of chopped almonds… heaven.

Has anyone bought the ice cream maker from Toys R Us?

Was wondering if it will work the same way as the whisking machine…


Will share


Will share our results this afternoon. The kids are so excited about making the ice cream. If I am successful I will make more as my sils are coming over to our house this weekend.. was thinking of shredding our cadbury white chocolate into the mixture… (as my sil bought 2 bars for us but I am not a white choc lover) see how it goes first.

I also went to buy a whisking machine yesterday… I nearly fell off the chair when I went to best denki… machine gg at min $498. Fortunately I manage to find aerogaz at $29.90 at giant. That is good enough for my needs and my mum said she would like to use the machine after that so it makes economic sense or my hubby will be like…. why don’t you spend $29.90 to buy yourself lots of ice cream  The man just don’t get it.

Haha my fav is sticky chewy choc from Swensens. If I am successful today…. I can explore more to reach that level one day : ) This is just the beginning. Thanks for sharing.


Hi MMM, I used to use

Hi MMM, I used to use toblerone chocolate and other bitter chocolate. It tasted ok, not bitter. But I never used this strong bitter droplets. I think shd not be bitter as it will mix with other ingredients… 
Yes, you have bought the correct non daily whipping cream! Only put the require amount of it in the bowl as per step 4. As the recipe only require 220g of it, you can store the balance in freezer. Juz chill it in the refrigerator for few hours before use.
For step 6. Pour the mixture into a container. Put in the freezer for roughly 3 hours or until it is semi-frozen (half is frozen and half still in liquid state). If you over-freeze it also never mind, just use a fork to break it into small pieces. Put the ice cream into a bowl, whisk using electric mixer.. This is the make the ice cream smoother and fluffier. Then put it in a container and freeze again until fully set.
I use plain fresh milk only. Never tried chocolate fresh milk. I think using chocolate fresh milk will increase the chocolate taste…  
You are welcome to ask any qtn! Hope I can help…. Have fun and enjoy your own ice cream, MMM!! 

Thks GreenQ. The problem is

Thks GreenQ. The problem is my DD only takes strawberry flavour ice-cream, and my DS only takes chocolate flavour ice-cream, so no choice, need to make two flavours.

Chocolate milk?

Sorry one more question… I actually got plain fresh milk. Was wondering if chocolate fresh milk will increase the chocolaty taste. I am a chocolate lover. Only eat chocolate flavor ice cream

Cooking chocolate and non dairy whipping cream


Wanted to check. I went to Phoon Huat yesterday and asked for cooking chocolate. They asked me to use strong bitter droplets. I was concerned if it would be "bitter" and the lady said it’s not. Is that what you used?

Also for non-dairy whipping cream. I bought red man whipping cream. According to them, it’s non-dairy. Is that right?

Do you put them in the tub immediately???

We are so eager to try out this afternoon.


Yes, nmhmum, if you are

Yes, nmhmum, if you are interested , I will post the strawberry flavour ice cream recipe in the Food Paradise – homemade ice cream thread later (coz not sure whether ok to post it here ??…). 

Thanks for the recipe. What

Thanks for the recipe. What about strawberry flavour ice-cream? Do u have recipe too?

Wow, looking delicious! so

Wow, looking delicious!

so far we only try ice lolly before. Maybe next time try out your recipe.

Ok... time to dig inside my

Ok… time to dig inside my store room and hunt for my electric whisking machine.  

Or maybe shld just try buy for one if it’s not expensive. 

Will definitely try it, but will have to first get the equipments together ….

Thanks!!! I am so keen to

Thanks!!! I am so keen to try making my own ice cream when I go on leave this week.

BTW, have you tried to use those sweetener iso sugar before??? Eg. ice cream suitable for old folks who are diabetic.


In order to have smooth

In order to have smooth taste of ice cream, must use whisking mashine (electric one) to whisk the mixture. The mixture will turn pale too if we beat it manually, but the ice cream will not be tasted so smooth and yummy. Try it out and enjoy your own ice cream, MMM… 

Phoon Huat is a baking

Phoon Huat is a baking ingredients supplier store.There are few stores around singapore. Momoshop, may be you can look for the store which is most convenience for you  –
Step 4 –  Using a spatula or a big scoop if don’t have spatula, I pour the stiffed non daily whipping cream into the cooled milk mixture and then stirred to mix well.
I have asked my kids to help me in preparing and measuring the ingredients, like 40g sugar, 100g cooking chocolate and 50g choc chips. Must teach them how to read the measurement first and show them with an example. Then also asked them to help in stirring and mixing the mixture. They felt proud and fun to be able to help mummy. And happy to find a chance to taste the food… I kept one eye closed when they were doing so. Gave them a chance to have little fun… 
Give it a try, you will have fun too, momoshop….

Yes, all ingredients can

Yes, all ingredients can be found at Phoon Hoot except eggs and fresh milk, which are easier to get from other places, sysherlene. I didn’t use any particular brand for those ingredients. So long its easy to get and not too expensive…  
Exception for non daily whipping cream. Coz I found Phoon Huat only sells one brand: Red Man. Those daily whipped cream is much easier to get everywhr. But for me it tasted too creamy (oily?!)…
Have a good try, sysherlene. You will enjoy your own ice cream!

Hi, "Beat egg yolks sugar


"Beat egg yolks sugar and corn flour until sugar has dissolved and pale in a pot." Did you use a whisking machine or manually beat it until it turns pale???

Sorry, where/ what is Phoon

Sorry, where/ what is Phoon Huat?

Will definitely try this, and how to fold?

And what roles/ which stage did you involve the kids? The folding part?

thanks for advise

Wow... I've been looking

Wow… I’ve been looking for ice-cream recipes.  I’m sure this one will be delicious.  Thanks so much.  Will try it out once I have the chance.  Can I get all the ingredients from Phoon Huat?  Or any particular brand that I shld use to make it taste better? 

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