Malacca 2D1N

Three friendly cars, we convoyed over three hours to reach Malacca. The journey itself was fun and interesting. Our lunch venue, Ole Nyonya. Otar and chap-chye (vegetable) are standard Peranakan side dishes. You must order some spicky belachan fish/squid/prawn too. Yummy ! We checked into Holiday Inn Melaka. You can opt for Sea or City view. This river looks interesting, with tourist packing the boats. It should be Romantic strolling along the river, under dim lamps, especially when starry night blankets the sky. Hungry? Walk faster. This is how Malacca’s sidewalks look like Vintage car, and interesting Fruits. Before Jonker Walk, you will see this famous landmark san-shu-gong. Offers souvenirs and local delicacies. This is Jonker Walk, can you feel the buzz? Strollers are not Recommended along Jonker !! Certain stretch of the night market is very clamped. Hold on to your babies. But we make it to dinner, Chicken Rice ball. Yummy !! And Desert chendol . Yummy !!! Every eatery is packed !! Business must be good. More shopping and sightseeing Jonker Walk will keep you entertained till midnight. So many things to see, explore and eat 🙂 Malacca Day 1 Malacca Day 2

Melaka Tower

Menara Taming Sari (Melaka Tower) is anoher place not to be missed.It is located at Bandar Hilir, beside Dataran Pahlawan Megamall. It is the first and only gyro tower in Malaysia so far.  The tower revolves 360° to provide a panoramic view of Malacca town. From a height of 80 meters, the ride offers you a spectacular and panaromic view of Historical Melaka City and a far with a host of interesting sights such as St Paul’s Hill, Independence Memorial Building, Samudera Museum and the ship, Flor De La Mar, Melaka River, Dataran Pahlawan, Pulau Selat Mosque, Pulau Besar and the Straits of Malacca.

Monorail System

Melaka have started a monorail system. As the aim to reduce traffic congestion at Bandar Hilir Area, actually it focus more on enhancing tourist activities along the Melaka River that past through Heritage Area. 
Besides the monorail, several other features such as mini roller coaster ride is also being developed at the Hang Tuah station.

Phase One of Melaka Monorail connects one station at Taman Rempah (Spice Gardens) at Mata Kuching and another station (Hang Tuah Station) at the back of the former Cathay Cinema. The distance is about 1.6 km. Phase one is operating now!
Phase one: Hang Jebat Station ——- 1.6 km ———–> Hang Tuah Station
Phase two: Hang Jebat Station —-> Hang Tuah Station —->Hang Tuah Mall —–> Jalan Tun Ali, Hang Jebat Bridge ——-> Hang Jebat Station.
Phase two will be ready soon.

oh yes... went there 2

oh yes… went there 2 weeks ago and gain 2 kg in one weekend. DS love the night market!

yeah, Malaysia has a lot of

yeah, Malaysia has a lot of good food. Cheap and good especially the hawker food although you may have to be prepared for a fly in your char kway teow. Recent personal experience.
Lucky no issue. 🙂

Malaysia too much good food

Malaysia too much good food to list..but Malacca and Penang always near the top 🙂



The food look yummy. Hope that I’ll have the chance to taste it.

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