Measuring Home-School Distance


(Updated 29 July 2010) One common question asked by most parents is how the distance between the Primary school and their homes is computed.

MOE provides schools with an updated list of Home-School distance categories each year, about 2 weeks before the start of the Primary 1 registration process.  Parents are welcome to call up the schools to check their official distance from the school at no cost.

Alternatively, parents can also do it themselves using a variety of services available on the Internet.


OneMap is an integrated map system for government agencies. According to the information on you can use a service call “SchoolQuery” to ” search primary schools within a radius of 1 or 2kms around a particular location in the map. It can also be used to determine if a particular address is within 1 or 2km from any school”

There is also a measure distance tool but this tool comes with a caveat “The measurement result is indicative only. It should not be used as an accurate measurement for official purpose, eg the distance between school and building for Primary One Registration.”


Other Paid services.

  • StreetDirectory. is probably the best known map in Singapore.  Unfortunately, the search for educational institutions feature is not a free service, and users have to pay about $0.54 per request.
    • To use this map, enter the postal code of your residence in the “Search any Location in Singapore:” text input box near the top of the home page.
    • Your home address should be listed as a record in the results page.  Now, under the subsection “Refine search result for Postal XXXXXX”, select “more”.
    • In the next page, under the “Select Landmarks” section, click on “Educational Inst.” and select “Primary School”.

Other Free services. 

Other free services out there which allows parents to guage the home-school distances.  However, such services cannot be used as official proof of home-school distances for Primary 1 Registration.
  • MyLifeStyleMap.  This used to be called CAN.COM.SG, and is operated by Greendot Media, a portal company that owns several online websites.  In many ways, this is the best free alternative because the map data actually comes from SLA itself.  So the results should be quite close to what the schools have.
    • To use this map, enter the postal code of your residence in the “Live Search” text input box of the Map Finder section where it shows the outline of Singapore.
    • Press enter and you should see the map area refresh and zoom in to your residence.
    • Scroll down the page to see the list of properties matching your search.  You should see the full address details of your residence.
    • Click on the “What’s Nearby” link belonging to that record.
    • Select the “Primary Schools” checkbox and click on the “Go” button.
    • You should see the list of Primary Schools within a radius of 3km from your home address, sorted in ascending order of distance.  Each school entry will have a distance value showing the linear distance between the school and your residence.
  • StreetDB. is a new site born of a joint collaboration between and AGIS, a local mapping company.
    • To use this map, enter the postal code of your residence in the “Search location in Singapore” text input box right at the top of the front page.
    • Press enter and you should see a list of properties matching your search.
    • Click on the property matching your residence.  You should see a map zoomed in and centered around your residence.
    • Under the “Search Nearest Amenities” section on the right, select “School & Institution”, and press the “Submit” button.
    • You should see the list of all schools (including Secondary and other institutions) displayed, along with a distance value showing the linear distance between the school and your residence.


Tried Using OneMap to check the distance between the sch of choice & my address… But it seems like I’m JUST ONE BLOCK AWAY from the 2km list!!! Does anyone know if the schools take that into consideration?


Hi , i’m staying at No.2 Jalan Taman, i would like to know which primary schools is within the 2km? thx

Alternative map

There is another alternative map that you can use online.

hi all,

try to check on the distance.

streetdb measures travel by road distance & not linear distance?

I just did a check on streetdb, streetdirectory, mylifestylemap and SLA’s own map website.  I did a rough measurement on screen and measured against the scale of the maps.  I also went to mylifestylemap and used their measuring function to draw a straight line from school to residence.  All gave approximately the same results.

However, when I used the streetdb amenities search function to search for nearby schools, the distance calculated was way off — much further than the other results.  I think they are measuring travel by road distance.  But they don’t indicate that in the results.

So for those using streetdb, I suggest that you doublecheck the calculated distance they give you by either taking an onscreen measurement or using another website to check too.  Of course, nothing beats checking direct with MOE or using the paid SLA service.

However, if I made a mistake in using streetdb, do point it out to me.

Anyone to advice ?

Hi, can anyone also share with me if Northland Primary school 1Km or 2 Km fm Blk 624 Yishun Ring Rd.

Is Pei Hwa IKm fm Bukit Regency..

Hi, can anyone share with me if Pei Hwa 1Km fm Bukit Regency Condo.


Accuracy of the distince in free maps & allawance of 1KM

I wonder how accurate the free map service provide. I checked my home distance to the West grove school , on, it says 1040m, on the streatdb, it says 1.2 km.

On the other hand, I would like to know is the <1KM limit very strict, or is there an allowance of +/- 50 m or 100m….


That's what i did. But it

That’s what i did. But it doesn’t ask for blk no. Just the address of the condo will do. I made sure mine falls within the 1km before giving cheque to developer.

Checking of distance in SLA

Hi for peace of mind, probably you might want to spend a few dollar to get a download report from sla. There is a report that shows all the schools within 1km of the property (exact details to be provided). There is another report that request about specific school. Eg. I did a search on rosyth out of curiosity and the report shows that we are under 1-2km of Rosyth.

thks... but i dun know hw

thks… but i dun know hw to check whether is my hse within 2 kms?  Hw far is 2 Kms?

Distance need to include blk in condo?

Isit right that the blk no. would be used instead of location of Condo?

Checking home-school distance

This article should be self-explanatory.  We probably should update the article a bit since is back online.

hw to check whether i'm

hw to check whether i’m within 2 km?  i’m interested to register my ger in 2010.


Hi Agnes,

I am also staying in Tropica (Blk 53) and my blk happens to be withing 1 km of  St Hilda’s, same condo but different distances.What is the point still need to ballot..



Hi Alice,

I am also staying in Tropica (Blk 61) and my blk happens to be just outside the 1km mark.  I have registered my girl for Poi Ching already.  Yourself?


Oops... paiseh...

 Sorry… I very ulu when it comes to condos… Thanks jedamum for the pointer!


I believe the name of the condo is ‘Tropica’.

yes. Tropical Spring is in Simei. Tropica is in Tampines. 🙂

As far as I know: Tropical

As far as I know: Tropical Condo is 0.95km from St. Hildas. :))

Tropical Spring to St. Hilda's

It would help if you provide more accurate data.  The only "Tropical condo" I know of in Singapore is the "Tropical Spring" condo in Simei, but it has no "BLK 63".  If you are refering to "BLK 33" instead, the postal code is 529878 and St. Hilda’s is 2263.29 m (ie. more than 2km) away from it.  Data is courtesy of

St Hilda"s primary school



Can anyone advise if St Hilda’s primary school is within 1KM of Tampines Tropical condo BLK 63.

Thank you