Meet and greet the minions at Marina Square

So happened to be at marina square today. Marina square is running a Meet and Greet Minions. Details here:

Despicable Me: Meet the Minions
31 May – 8 June, 14 & 15 June (Stage):
2pm & 7pm (Tue – Thu) and 1pm, 4pm & 7pm (Fri – Sun)

Enjoy a fun-filled game session and catch Stuart, Jorge, Jerry & Tim on stage. The first 60 families can also meet and greet the 4 Minions on stage! Admission is free.

Refer to for more details.

There are also some free fringe activities like photo booths and color the minions. Do feel free to request for takeaway coloring sheets. Expenditure of $30 and above at Marina Square would entitle your child to “feed the minions”. Basically there are four minion cardboard figurines. Your child has three tries to throw apples into the minions’ mouths. 

Having attended several of such shopping malls’ shows and activities, I have to say, this one is the least “sincerely” done. Here’s why:

– if you think you would get to see the minions dance, sorry lor. It’s a lady (the emcee) who heated the stage up with her dance and voice. But I had to agree, she’s good. Did a few cartwheels and forward somersault.

– very few fringe activities. The cherry of the whole thing is greeting the minions and taking a picture with them. 

– its not just not seeing the minions danced, the show was also very short. to queue for dunno how long and then only get to watch a 5min show…. Erm, boh hwa leh. Usually we would queue for such meet and greet events but for this one, we didn’t queue. So happened that we passed by and the crew were organizing the crowd into the seating area. Tofu boy was really hoping to see the minions, so we agreed to q on the condition that if this slot was full, we move on. Heng heng, we were among the first 60 families.

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