Memory Magic – Silly Story And Follow That Dot

Here’s another Memory Magic! title, and it’s real value for money!  You get 2 titles for the price of 1 CDROM !

Just like the Super Flash title, the Silly Story and Follow That Dot CDROM title are games that require zero installation, and will run within your Internet browser loaded with the Shockwave ActiveX plugin.

As with all Memory Magic! software titles, they are targeted at training the memory of young children, but even as an adult, I enjoy playing them myself too.  Again, if you have been through some brain-training enrichment courses, the memory training techniques propounded by these titles should be very familiar to you.

Upon clicking on the Start.html at the root of the CDROM, the title opens up in the Internet browser with the option for you to choose the game you want to play.

The Silly Story game is all about memory linking.  The idea is to get the child to remember a sequence of symbols by creating relationships between them using silly stories.  Yes, silly stories – as silly as possible!  This is a proven technique built on the conjecture that our brains are especially stimulated by concepts that are outrageous or humorous.  And once the linkages are formed between the cards, it is possible to remember all the symbols, forwards or backwards, and regardless of where you start.

There are a total of 10 sequences, each with 10 symbols.  The sequences are also linked in the sense that the 1st symbol of each sequence is tied by a silly story leading from the last symbol of the previous sequence.

Click on the Story button to start the story mode.  The symbol is exposed and a silly story is created linking the symbol to the previously shown symbol.  This goes on until all the 10 symbols are revealed.  You can repeat this as many times as the child needs to remember the full sequence.

Click on the Guess button to start testing your child.  Ask your child to remember what each symbol is, and then unveil the card by clicking on the Guess button.

I had incredible results with my 3yo daughter with this.  The first time I showed her, I reinforced the story by exaggerating the verbal narration from the software.  After just once, I tested her and she was able to guess correctly ALL the cards!  I was completely amazed by the effectiveness of the technique.  After a few hours, I tested her again verbally without the software, and she was again able to effectively tell me the entire silly story and guessing all the cards correctly.

The only problem I have with Silly Story is that it is pretty much a play-once game.  Because of its nature, after you have done all 10 stories, it is pretty much pointless to repeat the game again.

For better repetibility, the Follow That Dot game definitely meets the bill.  The idea is to train the ability of the child to focus on the movement of a dot and to visualize the pattern that it traces over time.

The game has several levels of difficulty.  At the simplest level, a single yellow dot will move across the screen, tracing shapes as rudimentary as squares and circles to as complex as inverted Christmas trees!

Immediately after the tracing, the child is then asked to pick the pattern out of an array of shapes.  And if that is not challenging enough, at the higher levels, the child is required to remember up to 7 different shapes traced out by the dot!

My children and I enjoyed this particular Memory Magic! title tremendously.  It is fun, and definitely helps in training children to be more focused and observant.

is it suitable for 5 years

is it suitable for 5 years old kid also?

where can I buy it?

Apprecite your feedback, thanks!



I have this one. Not bad.

I have this one. Not bad.

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