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Memory Mnemonic – Remembering Simple Ordered Lists

A simple way to remember an ordered list is to create a mental image of the number and create an image of the item with the mental image of the number.

First you need to associate the number with an image. You can choose similar sounding words, objects with a similar shape as the number, or any thing you might associate the number with.

Here's an example with the numbers being associated with similar sounding words:

1. One = Wand

2. Two = Tooth

3. Three = Tree

4. Four = Hall

5. Five = Hive

6. Six = Stick

7. Seven = Heaven

8. Eight = Egg

9. Nine = Line

10. Ten = Hen

The important thing is that the association have to be meaningful for you so that it will stick in your mind. Once you remember this list, you can use the association to remember any list – in order.

So for example you have a list:

1.  Pumpkin

2.  Bird

3.  House

4.  Apple

The trick to memorizing the list in order is to imagine a scene involving the item which you have associate with the particular number and the item on your list. The funnier and more ridiculous the scene is to you, the more likely you will remember it. Here’s how I will remember the list.

1. Imaging a magic wand turn a tiny pumpkin into a giant pumpkin causing a crack on the floor.

2. Imagine a bird peaking on a tooth and the tooth shouting ouch each time the bird peak it.

3. Imagine a tree using its hands to put a house on it and walk around.

4. Imagine a big hall with lots of apples jumping around.

Have fun memorizing!



Great !

Good tip!

Will definitely try it for my son.

Learned a lot! Thanks great

Learned a lot! Thanks great tips!

Useful tips!

Useful tips!



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