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Memory Mnemonics – Linking Memory

Linking memory or chaining is a basic method of remembering a short list.

The Method:

The method basically involve the following steps:

1. Visualise each item from a list.

2. Make up some form of association between an item and the next item on the list.

3. Remember the list by recalling the first item then proceed with the next. An example of a simple list is :

 Pumpkin, bird, house,apple

To link the items together, imaging a big pumkin, visualise it. Create some form of association between the pumpkin and the bird. e.g. imagine the small bird gobble up a whole big pumpkin. Next, imagine some form of association between the bird and the house e.g. the bird living in the house. After this, imagine the association between the house and the apple. e.g. the house turn in to an apple.

Teaching your child the technique: 

The best time to learn is when we were children and teaching a child this technique in a fun way help them practice their memory and teach them a useful memory tool.

You can create a simple game out of 2 sets of unrelated pictures and form a silly story base on the visualised association.

The first set are the images arranged in order:

The second set is the same images cut up into individual pieces. 

Using the example above, you can say something like "A pumpkin is gobbled up by a bird who live in a house which is actually an apple" as you show the first set of pictures to the kid. It will be good if you can get the kid to point his finger to each of the item at the same time you tell the story.

After that, hide away the first set of images and give the kid the individual cut out images and get him to arrange in order. Show how you arrange the images as you tell the story, then get him to arrange them in order as you tell the story. The funnier the story, the easier it will be to remember. Start with a few then slowly increase the number of items.


Memory linking to communication skill of story telling!

This is fantastic way to extend to story telling.


cool article


Linking memory

This is an effective way of remembering things by creating the associations.

In fact, as children move from such simple associations to mindmaps as they grow older. Many have no problems remembering the concepts and ideas as they have been trained from young on creating associations.


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it's really a good method,

it’s really a good method, I tried this before for myself, and now I will use it to my daughter.

yes...very cool - if you

yes…very cool – if you practise enough you can remeber 20 – more the 100 things in order.  Actually, I think we were taught this method in school before. Schichida call it "linking memory" …I guess the brain training schools give it a more maketable name. The more commonly used name for the method is "Mnemonic link system" / "Link System"/ "Chain System"

"Word Train"

This is really the basic memory trick that everyone should know if they want to memorize a list of items.  In MindChamps, they call this technique Word Train.

The key is to train yourself (or your child) to visualize everything you see, even words.  You must not see the word – you must see the visual representation of the word.  In fact, if you can support your visualization with action and aural (sounds), you can further reinforce the memory bonds in the list.  So when given a list of words, first obtain a visual image of it in your mind, then for each word, think of an action suitable for the word, act it out and say the word out aloud when acting out the word.

The difficult part of this is really how to link each word to the next.  This requires a fast and very creative mind, and is the part that requires training.  The trick is to make the linkage as absurd as possible (our minds remember the weirdest things that happen to us, and filters out the boring things which is why we always "take common things for granted").

The neatest thing about this technique is that once you memorize the words in this manner, you will be able to even recite the list BACKWARDS or forwards from any starting item!  Cool huh?

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