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Mobile Multi-Line: The more you get together, the more savings you get

As a parent, you may be aware that having a growing family means growing expenses and there are some things that are practically indispensable to every family, like mobile phones. These allow you to connect, catch up and bond with each other. However, mobile phone expenses can eat up quite a bit of the family budget. That is why we bring you the best way to get more savings for your mobile subscription.

If you are a Fibre Entertainment Bundle customer, you can now bring together all your family members’ mobile lines to get even bigger savings! Get as much as 30% discount for 5 mobile line subscriptions and receive awesome perks like annual handset upgrade worth up to $350 for the first nominated mobile line. Simply nominate at now!

If you are not a Fibre Entertainment Bundle customer, sign up now and get more savings for your family. Log on to or visit any SingTel shop today.

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