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Mothers are worth $61,436 a year

A survey has shown that mothers are worth an estimated 61,436 dollars a year for doing various jobs without counting the love and affection they give.

Amy Danise, senior managing editor of, a website that supplies insurance information, and her colleagues divided up mom’s function into 14 different jobs (cook, driver, nurse, etc.).

Then using Bureau of Labour Statistics on hourly wages, they estimated the amount a mom would get if she was outsourced.

They calculated that one might have to spend 6,285 dollars a year on transportation, taxi driver or chauffeur, priced at 13.43 dollars an hour, and on a maid or housekeeper 9.40 dollars an hour, or 7,104 dollars a year.

"There are lots of ways one could calculate mom’s value. In pricing some of mom’s functions, such as camp counsellor, we had to select from among several hourly figures," ABC News quoted Danise as saying.

She also had to make some estimates of the number of hours a week a mom might spend on a certain job.

"All moms are different, and all will spend a different amount of time on a given job, depending on her family’s needs," Danise said.

In the 14 jobs attributed to mom, there seems to be a glaring omission – the things she does out of love.

"That’s the function we can’t put a dollar value on: love and support," Danise stated.


Yes we are

Surely we are!!!

i think we are priceless!! =

i think we are priceless!! = )

Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for sharing 🙂

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