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The exams are over and it is time for a good holiday. The stress and tension are gone, and it is time to reward the entire family with a nice holiday. But wait! Just before flying, someone in the family starts falling ill…sounds familiar?

Besides bringing the usual like Panadol, it is also important to pack Leftose® into the luggage! Leftose® is a 2-in-1 remedy that dissolves phlegm in chesty coughs and reduces inflammation in sore throats. The best part is, it is non-drowsy and all natural, as it is made from lysozyme – a natural enzyme also found in eggs, breast milk and saliva. It is extremely safe and highly recommended, having been prescribed by doctors and pharmacists for over 30 years*.

Lozenges are often the first remedy that comes to our minds when we get a sore throat. However, this temporary relief may not fix the root problem. Also, some lozenges numb the tongue which can affect the tastebuds.  Leftose® on the other hand, reduces the throat inflammation and hence, provides lasting relief to the pain and swelling.

The natural enzymes in Leftose® also help to break down phlegm and mucus, making the sticky substances easier to cough out and clearing the air passage ways, making it easier to breathe.  

Leftose® tablets are small, naturally sweet and easy to ingest. And for the little ones, it comes in a syrup form, which is very palatable given that the syrup is naturally sweet. So there’s no need to chase after the kids to shove nasty bitter concoctions down their throats!

Leftose® provides fast, effective relief which makes it truly a travel must-have to ward off any unexpected coughing or sore throats which may get in the way of you and your loved ones enjoying that long-awaited holiday. Make sure you grab a box or two before you check in for your flights!

Leftose tablets and syrups are available at all leading pharmacies, including Guardian, Watsons, Unity and Nishino. Visit your nearest pharmacy to purchase Leftose tablets 30’s (Retail Price: $6.20) and Leftose Syrup 100ml (Retail Price: $13.50).

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