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My KSP Encounter

Our path crossed by chance. It wasn’t love at first sight, but I’ve gradually grown to like my new found cyber friend — Even Hubby has noticed that I have been spending a considerable amount of time on KSP and commented half in jest, "KSP again? Why don’t you write for them and get paid?" Can’t blame him, I used to write for a living.

The truth is, my life has changed somehow since I chanced upon KSP Forum earlier this year. Suddenly a whole new world has opened up to me. My life has been enriched from learning from the other parents in the forum on topics ranging from parenting, preschool choices to maid issues, relationships and health. I have found an outlet for my creative juices (writing blog articles), venting my frustrations and commenting on topics close to my heart (posting on the forum), and even opening an additional avenue for my online blogshop – My Little Blogshop. 

My life has also become more colorful because I have met some warm-hearted and like-minded acquaintances in the forum. We shared our life experiences, parenting tips, feelings of joy and frustrations, and even problems we are facing in our lives. I certainly hope I can develop meaningful friendships on KSP. As a SAHM whose life revolves around the hubby and kid, these cyber friendship can mean so much to me. 

I know Hubby has been eyeing the Apple iPad, and I was initially excited to see the KSP auction for 2 iPads. My first thought was: maybe I could win it for his birthday next month. But alas, I doubt my kiasupoints are enough to even bid for it.

Nevertheless, my chance encounter with KSP has been meaningful and I regret not coming across it much earlier. Still, better late than never. 


same here :)

same here 🙂

same feeling here

same feeling here


Hi desertwind,

Yes, appreciate all our personal sharings. Though we have yet to meet, I feel like we are already friends. Hope your dad’s health is better now.

I do agree that sometimes I also worried about sharing too much and being "judged". But life is like that, we cannot stop others from judging us, but we can try to refrain from judging others…

Anyway, thanks for all the sharings too. 

Thanks for sharing with us

Thanks for sharing with us your thoughts Angelight!  You are one of my earliest KSP contact which I share with the most.  And yes, learn a lot from this forum too but also realise with some discomfort that even online when one does not know/seen the others, yet social "judgements" will exist and hence I do hesitate to share too much personal information online.  Even reading some really open sharing which is honest and true from the writer, one cannot help but form some sort of impression & opinion already.  So it is much easier to be a passive reader of exciting KSP articles and writings instead of being a passionate writer.  But then if everybody think like me, who is going to contribute to the writing and thereby creating a diverse and exciting forum like KSP?


Hi foreverj, I totally

Hi foreverj,

I totally agree with you that "bringing up children is more than just putting food on the table and providing a roof over their heads". Which is why I’m glad to be part of the KSP community where we can share parenting tips and experiences, and even encourage one another.

Kudos to Chief Kiasu and his team for starting the KSP website!  


Glad to meet you too,

Glad to meet you too, Duriz. And thanks for being my first customer on KSP!  Hope more KSP mummies will become my blogshop customers too. 

I'm also an addict to this

I’m also an addict to this forum. Now, I have the habit of checking the KSP forum everyday to see whether there’s any new posting…

i personally wear my label

i personally wear my label KSP as a badge of honour lol! Other than the sense of belonging, I guess most of us are glad to be part of a community of like-minded parents – most capable of loving and sacrificing for their children; and embracing their parenting responsibilities as a huge part of their lives.

We realise that bringing up our children is more than just putting the food on the table and providing a roof over their heads. More importantly its the process of spending time together, inculcating the right values, helping them thru difficult and stressful times, and just being there for them. And its great that there is a community of parents who can identify with the challenges in parenting children today, bounce off ideas, share their experiences!

Thanks angelight for sharing what you’ve shared on KSP forum and pls keep doing that!

Thank you to KSP parents

Me too, addicted to KSP. Once I reach office, I will log on to KSP and read it whenever I have time. KSP forum is a good platform for parents to share on parenting skills, education and many more. I have learnt so much from KSP parents and I would like to say THANK YOU to all for the valuable information and knowledge which you have shared. Will continue to get hooked to KSP!

Ditto. Much thanks and


Much thanks and appreciation goes to the mighty trio: Chief, mintcc and phantom.

Glad I got to meet you in person as well, Angelight 

May your blogshop business prosper and your hubby gets his iPad *goodluck*

Best Parent Forum!

This is the best parent forum that I came across.

I spent most of my time surfing, get to know like-minded parents and we even start msn 

I have been to other

I have been to other parenting forums, and must say this is by far the one where the writing illustrates the profound standards of thinking behind some  of the parents,

Kudos to CKS and his team that has worked hard to bring it where it is now.


I’m addicted to KSP too. It’s my avenue for venting frustrations on sticky in-laws issues and also my ‘information counter’ prior to P1 registration for my daughter earlier.

Like the author of this article, my hubby also asked the same question, ‘Why don’t you be KSP moderator or regular contributor and be paid for it?’ Is that the only thing on the men’s brains ? MONEY ???

As a SAHM, my life revolves around the house, kids and hubby. Now that I’ve discovered KSP, it has definitely brightened up my life.

Thank you.

Haha, me too. Am addicted

Haha, me too. Am addicted to too 

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