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My Newbie Primary 1 Registration Experience

Year 2010… i was aware of the Primary 1 registration in year 2011 but did not think too much about it; told myself long way more… fast forward to 2011..

Jan, Feb, Mar, April…. stop…as the months passed by, its time to think abt the registration…and to start doing my homework – which school i had in mind, the location, the academic improvement in that school & the CCAs which would help pull up one’s grade.

With so many things to consider, what am I to do?

Alamak.. okay okay… I need a clear mind… Hmm… i listed down a whole list of schools i have in mind, narrowed down by crossing out those schools of more than 2km from where i lived… then followed by the schools’ academic & enrichment aka CCAs’ level and defintely, yes of course, the school’s reputation.

I do not have any older children who are already studying in that school nor am i an alumni or staff member of that school nor did any PV (parent volunteer) work nor belonging to any church, clans or associations. To cut the story short, i belong to neither P1, P2A, P2A(2), P2B…

P2C is the phase i would fall under & registration begins on 27 July 2011, which falls on a Wednesday and for a total of 3 days, ending on 29 July 2011, Friday. Results would be out on 05 Aug 2011.

Looking at MOE’s website:

my choice of school, after P2B’s registration results, if i did my calculations correctly, there would be a total of 88 vacancies available for P2C… and voila… I am right.

And yes, u folks will know which school i had in mind… the clues are so clear & direct… kekeke..

And with that number of vacancies available, i am going to school on Wed more confidently. I am living within 1km from the school premises & hopefully, even if balloting is requried, i am given priority. 

A reminder to all parents out there, please get all required original documents ready, as well as to photocopy extras for the school.

For required documents needed, please refer to below linked:

Till then, stay tune for more updates on 27 July 2011, after i am finished with the registration. Wish me luck. 





good luck to all

good luck to all

Did I see you this morning?

Did I see you this morning? Same school, same phase, within 1km. See you around when both our kids start P1.

Good luck to all registering in Phase 2C!

The best of luck to Poppy & all parents registering their children in phase 2C. May you be successful in the school of your choice! =)

All The Best

All the best to everyone going through P1 Registration this year round. May your children get into the school of choice and welcome to the beginning to formal education in Singapore.

Good luck!!!

All the best to you.

Good Luck to u and myself n all those who have 2005 yr kids

M only going on 29 Jul.. Now can feel the heat manz.. ahahahah

Poppy must have done a lot of

Poppy must have done a lot of homework where can register on Day 1 of Phase 2C & then relax all the way. Maybe he/she had already calculate the odds very well ahead.

Good luck poppy!!

Good luck for the coming registration poppy!!!!!!

Good Luck Poppy15!

 All the best this week!

All the best, poppy! So many

All the best, poppy! So many vacancies, think you shld have no prob. 🙂

 good luck, poppy! And I am

 good luck, poppy! And I am praying for all going for Phase 2C registration this coming Wed -Fri!

Good luck for your P2C

Good luck for your P2C registration this week! You are better off than me…at least there are still 88 vacancies left at P2C. Mine is only 33!. Good luck to me too! :p

good luck poppy :)

good luck poppy 🙂

Good luck poppy15

Good luck poppy15.

Good luck!

 here’s wishing you and all other parents, like me, who fall under Phase 2C, all the best!!!

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