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"Besides understanding the facts & concepts, the child must be able to spell the keywords (to avoid losing marks for wrong spelling) correctly and answer fully. Example, there are questions which shows 2 pictures : 1 is a chick with a water dish, 1 is just a chick. Question asks, which one will survive longer and why. If answer is ‘It has water’, you get 1/2 mark. Answer is ‘Chick needs water to survive and chick A has water’, you get 1 mark. These are the tricky areas that we have to point out to the child. " cafelatte

thanks for info

thanks for info.

might need help

although books can be good, is it enough if mom is not good at subject?


I do not know if I should start child with tution so they can learn what is in the book. reading alone may not be enough if its still hard to digest no matter how good the book


it is always a dilemma


Thanks for sharing.

This is a good book and there

This is a good book and there are 2 parts. Full of illustration, 

I agree

I have browsed through this book and think its an inviting book to read and learn. I will definitely recommend this book too!

Yes, if ans 'It has

Yes, if ans ‘It has water.’. marker would have commented,’ so?’ and only 1/2 mark awarded.

thanks for the infor.

thanks for the infor.

thanks for the

thanks for the enlightenment~! i seriously didnt think of such complex answer…

Thanks for this.

As DD1 will be starting on Science next year

this is definitely a good tip for me. Thanks for

the timely sharing.


I like it

I like it.

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