My (son’s) first month in GEP

First month in GEP seems to be a breeze. Homework seems to be rather minimal, though rather interesting.

First 3 days were orientation; getting to know the new school, new friends, new teachers, rules etc. Though it took me a while to realise where the water coolers were, I finally realised that there is a water cooler outside every toilet on every floor. So blur…

English teacher is a very nice man. He lets us compose ‘rubbish’. I combined all sorts of funny words together to come up with my own nouns and verbs! My marks for my first composition was not good, maybe the teacher expects more now.

Maths is much more fun than before. We get to learn the different numeration systems, like Mayan, Egyptian etc. But the teacher does not provide us with everything, we need to do a lot of research on the internet ourselves. Sometimes, my mummy will ask me what topic is this, but I really don’t know?

Chinese is the same as before. As usual, have to learn all the difficult words 🙁 The teacher issues a 笔记 paper before every chapter and expects us to fill in the meanings first before she goes through them. So difficult, I can’t do it without help from mummy, dictionary and 成语 book.

Not much I can say of Social Studies other than that I know I have to submit a Family Tree project. As usual, my mummy is nagging me about why I have not started anything yet. The school reminded us a few times that Social Studies is now graded, not like in my previous school, but I must do it properly.

We also have this thing called IRS (I think it stands for Individualised Research Study). We  had a list of questions given to us to help us identify our interests, so I circled all the ones about Maths. This is supposed to help us decide what project we want to do later.

PE is only once a week, boohoo…. So far, I have not even visited the library. In our old school, we used to have one lesson a week to go to the library. 

I have to take the school bus home by myself now. I was very stressed one day when I missed the school bus home. I did not have this problem as my mummy used to fetch me from school. Now I realise that she is so nice even though she had to wait in the hot sun for me while I was playing with my friends. 

Sometimes, I have to stay back with my group to do our language project. It is quite difficult to arrange a day as all of us have different activities outside school. Last week, I had to stay back almost every day due to project, CCA, extra lessons.

There are a few classmates from my old school, but I did not know them before. I miss my old friends sometimes, maybe I should call them up some day. 

I think my mummy is more anxious than me….she keeps asking me what I am learning in school, but I can’t tell her much. Well, so I am enjoying my first month in GEP; great school, great teachers and great classmates. 

Hi..Acforfamily, Congrats 4

Hi..Acforfamily, Congrats 4 your son get into GEP!  Which school your DS in now?  glad to hear he enjoy the environment and everything.


May I know which school is your son studying?


maybe you should share this in kids say the darnest thing. and i really thot it was written by your p4.



wrong author

 Haha, so paiseh, these are exactly what my ds said, but I am the one who wrote this down….at least I know my English passed the p4 level ?!

Coming from a boys’ school, he was very amused by the girls one day:

"Mummy, do you know that the girls are very funny?"


"When they go toilet, they must go together!"

"Maybe it is safer?"

"What is the use har? When it comes to exam, they cannot go together!"


Your DS writes well

It’s definitely reassuring for accor-mum to hear that your ds has settled nicely in his new environment and is coping well.



Acforfamily, congrats to

Acforfamily, congrats to your DS into GEP! Great to hear that he’s enjoying school!

hahaha... so cute and nice

hahaha… so cute and nice to read… thks for sharing your kid’s perspective on his/her 1st mth! I read it with a smile on my face.

Ha, so cute. give kudo to

Ha, so cute. give kudo to your child who wrote this.

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