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CrossCom™ Back-to-School Set worth $485

About CrossCom™

CrossCom™ – Your Posture Engineer invoked the importance of adopting an ergonomic lifestyle with Moll™ fully-adjustable workstation and McNeill® posture backpacks when ergonomics was new to Singapore and Asia in the early 1990s. Since then, CrossCom™ has established a reputation as the trusted ergonomic lifestyle retailer who carries the largest range of ergonomic lifestyle products that are designed with orthopaedists and ergonomic experts.

Believing that ergonomic lifestyle extends beyond workstation and bags, CrossCom™ has progressively added other award winning ergonomic products for baby, school, work and leisure. Known for their German-made quality, authentic designs, product safety and professional service, CrossCom™ has received testimonials from satisfied customers and medical endorsements for the products.

Products and Services

Moll™ workstation has medically-endorsed heights, patented adjustment guide and safety control system to ensure the user sits at the correct height with maximum eye, neck and back comfort a at every growth stage till adulthood. With a child’s growing needs in mind, there are more than 25 intelligent extensions for the basic workstation.

Swopper® is the world’s only 3-dimensional movement chair created by German physiotherapist, Dorothea Prodinger-Glöckl, to ease back pain from conventional sitting. On Swopper®, you are engaged in active sitting as it adapts to every human’s natural movements like a therapeutic exercise ball and muscles are effectively strengthened.

CrossCom™ Back-To-School Set

Get this exclusive Back-To-School Set today! It includes a Posture Bag, Sports Bag, Pencil Case, Stationery Pouch in the same design, and a Sigg 0.4 litre water bottle to match! CrossCom’s Posture Bag is designed with German orthopaedists to improve the way children carry school load and prevent hunching. The light-weight bag structure and patented spinalcushion help to reduce spine stress; distribute weight across the correct parts of the body and help one develop and maintain a healthy posture.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Prize includes Ergo Light 2 Pixie Backpack, Sportsbag Pixie, Pencil Rolle, Stat Tetia and Sigg 0.4L Fairy water bottle.
  2. Prize is valid till 31 May 2012.
  3. Please present original winner’s letter and NRIC at 583 Orchard Road, #02-22/31 Forum Shopping Mall to redeem for the prize.

Contact Information

583 Orchard Road
Forum The Shopping Mall
Singapore 238884

Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 7pm
Tel: 6853 0309



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