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8 Lessons of Right Brain Training (3 – 12 years old) at iGenius worth $535

Company Write Up

iGenius believes that each child has untapped potential and can learn to harness his brainpower to the fullest with proper training and nurturing in a conducive environment.

  • We blend education and play together to make learning a joyful experience.
  • We help your child’s rational left brain work in synergy with his creative right brain so that the whole brain works more efficiently.
  • We develop your child’s multiple intelligences so he grows holistically.
  • We ignite your child’s natural ability to learn.

Our unique and innovative curriculum is designed and developed with a holistic approach towards nurturing and unleashing the inner potential of the child by stimulating the right brain to work in synergy with the left brain so that greater brain power can be achieved, as well as to groom other important life skills that will allow him to stand out from the crowd.

In short, happy and interested children learn best when the learning is fun, interactive and engaging. Your child has many years of education ahead of him – we help him discover the best way to learn!


In conventional teaching methods, a child learns through drilling, memorizing and regurgitation of facts, while tests depend on the linear, methodical left brain which builds memory through repetition and logical links. But this can only go so far.

iGenius Right Brain Training Programme will help activate the less-utilised right hemisphere of the brain to stimulate its visual centre. Visual stimulation boosts learning by developing and sharpening the right brain’s memory, visualization skills, intuition and creativity, thus creating a holistic approach to learning. Through this special elements in this course, we also help your child improve his concentration, as well as enhancing creativity. Not only are the benefits so diverse, they work in synergy to lay a strong foundation for lifelong learning. A key advantage in today’s world.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Prize is valid till 31 July 2012.
  2. Prize is non-transferable.
  3. Please call 6737 3333 to arrange for a fixed class schedule.

Contact Information

180 Kitchener Road
City Square Mall
Singapore 208539

Tel: 6737 3333
SMS: 8167 0789



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