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NETS GET IT FOR FREE Auction – Little Newton Party Package

Magic School Bus Party Package for 15 Kids worth $525

About Little Newton Group

At Little Newton, every guest is guaranteed to have a fun and enriching experience at our parties. We include experiments and activities that are related to the selected theme of the party. Our activities are held in a similar fashion to our enrichment lessons, but with much more fun inject into it, exactly like how a party should be! We also have various themes for our parties that you can select from. To top it all off, every guest will go home with all the experiments that they have done, together with a booklet that explains how their experiments work, a goodie bag and a balloon.

Program Highlights

Time Activity Remarks
10 minutes Children will do a warm-up activity
(1) Ice-breakers
Fun filled activities based on the theme
45 Minutes Children will go straight into the different stations for two different experiments:
(1) Making the Volcano Eruption!
(2) Popping Corn (Trainer demo)
(1) Children will learn about the brief history of Mt Vesuvius and create a simulated volcanic eruption using household chemicals.
(2) Children will observe the popping of corn kernels and learn the theory behind the popping of corn.
At the end, they will get to bring their experiment home.
5 Minutes   Birthday cheer and picture session

Terms & Conditions

  1. Prize is valid till 31 December 2012.
  2. Food is not provided and can be arranged at your own expenses.
  3. Magic School Bus Party Package is meant for 15 Kids.
  4. $35 will be charged for each additional child.
  5. Original winner’s letter and NRIC must be presented to redeem for the prize at Little Newton Learning Centre Pte Ltd, 583 Orchard Road,#05-01 Forum.
  6. Party will be held at Little Newton Learning Centre Pte Ltd, 583 Orchard Road, #05-01 Forum, subjected to space availability.
  7. Transportation charges of $100 are applicable if the party is held
    at your own designated venue.
  8. Food is not included in the party package.
  9. Please call 6733 6818 to check availability and make reservations 1 month in advance prior to actual party.

Contact Information

Little Newton Learning Centre Pte Ltd
583 Orchard Road
#05-01 The Forum
Singapore 238884

Tel: 6733 6818

Little Newton


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