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NETS GET IT FOR FREE Auction – Pleo The Dinosaur

Pleo The Dinosaur worth $850

About Pleo

Pleo is a robotic dinosaur designed to emulate the appearance and behavior of a week-old baby Camarasaurus. It was designed by Caleb Chung, the co-creator of the Furby, and is manufactured by Ugobe. Ugobe develops robotic technology to animate robots into lifelike creatures with organic movement and adaptable behaviors. Ugobe calls its robots “Life Forms,” powered by its “Life OS”.

Ugobe’s designs combined sensory, articulation, and neuronetics to create the lifelike appearance of its robots. In developing Pleo, Ugobe paid particular attention to the biological and neurological systems of the Camarasaurus, and “re-interpreted” those elements through hardware and software. Pleo was engineered by a group of robotics specialists, animators, technologists, scientists, biologists, and programmers. Pleo is intented to be a fun experience for everyone.

Every Pleo is autonomous. Yes, each one begins life as a newly-hatched baby Camarasaurus, but that’s where predictability ends and individuality begins. Like any creature, Pleo feels hunger and fatigue – offset by powerful urges to explore and be nurtured. He’ll graze, nap and toddle about on his own -when he feels like it! Pleo dinosaur can change his mind and his mood, just as you do. Discover Pleo’s emotions.

Let’s take a look inside Pleo

Pleo weighs 3.5 lbs and is 20.7″ long, 6.0″ wide and 7.5″ high.


  • Camera-based vision system (for light detection and navigation)
  • Two microphones, binaural hearing
  • Beat detection (allows pleo to dance and listen to music).
  • Eight touch sensors (head, chin, shoulders, back, feet)
  • Four foot switches (surface detection)
  • Fourteen force-feedback sensors, one per joint
  • Orientation tilt sensor for body position
  • Infrared mouth sensor for object detection into mouth
  • Infrared transmit and receive for communication with other Pleos
  • Mini-USB port for online downloads
  • SD card slot for Pleo add-ons
  • Infrared detection for external objects
  • 32-bit Atmel ARM 7 microprocessor (main processor for Pleo)
  • 32-bit NXP ARM 7 sub processor (camera system, audio input dedicated processor)
  • Four 8-bit processors (low-level motor control)

Terms and Conditions

  1. Prize is valid till 30 April 2012.
  2. Call 6259 7068 to arrange for collection 1 working day in advance.
  3. Pls present original NRIC and winner’s letter at Gium International, 60 Newton Road, #17-04 Newton Suites from Mon to Fri, 9 am – 6 pm to redeem for your prize.

Redemption location

Gium International
60 Newton Road
#17-04 Newton Suites
Singapore 307994

Tel: 6259 7068




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