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Comprehensive Diagnostic Test & 4 Sessions of Cognitive Training Programme at ThinkersBox worth $540

About ThinkersBox Programme

These concerns may signal some underlying difficulties or weaknesses in your child’s learning fundamentals.

And when these fundamentals are improved, learning becomes more effective and efficient – leading to better performance and higher learning engagement!

Just as Olympic Champions perfect their sports skills to achieve excellence, your child can become a Learning Champion if they are equipped with strong and well-developed learning skills.

At ThinkersBox, we specialise in Individualised Cognitive Training to help your child improve and enhance their overall learning.

Improve your Child’s Learning Fundamentals!

Do you have the following concerns for your child’s learning?

  • He/she can read problem sums but have difficulty understanding the concepts or relations on their own?
  • He/she loses marks for careless mistakes even though they seem to know the questions?
  • He/she is easily distracted or has difficulty doing work for long periods of time?
  • He/she seems to do well during home practice but not during examinations?
  • He/she easily gives up or says ‘I don’t know’ when faced with challenging questions?

Terms and Conditions

  1. Prize is valid till 1 November 2012. 
  2. Only applicable for children 5-12 years old (as of 2012).
  3. Diagnostic Test needs to be completed before the commencement of training sessions.
  4. Date and Timing for Diagnostic Test will be arranged based on available slots.
  5. Test Duration: (5-8 years old) 1.5 hours, (9-12 years old) 3 hours.
  6. Training sessions only available for either Saturday or Sunday classes.
  7. Training sessions are allowed once a week, at 2 hours per session.
  8. Timing for training sessions will be arranged based on available slots.

Contact Information

ThinkersBox Pte Ltd
420 North Bridge Road,
North Bridge Centre, #03-03
Singapore 188727

Tel: 6773 4886



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