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2 Modules (5 sessions each) of Y-Gen Club Holiday Robotics Enrichment Programme worth $600

Y-Gen Club provides infinite creative space for kids to explore the joy of learning. We specialise in combining brain and brawn to provide your growing child an all rounded growing up experience. Learning will never be dry as burnt toast.

Our Mission

Y-Gen Club’s goal is to provide an environment where learning is enjoyable, and engage children in the learning process through innovative & dynamic programmes specially designed for children & parent to experience the joy of learning.

Module 1

  • Introducing main NXT components.
  • Simple guided building experience to get used to NXT building techniques.
  • Finish a basic 2 wheel robot.
  • NXT Mindstorms programming to move the finished robot.
  • Rebuild a new robot all on their own with a gear system for either fast-weak or slow-strong gear train.
  • Sumo and Sprint Competitions.
  • Adding on Touch and Light sensing after which students can creatively design how the robot should be controlled.

Module 2

  • Touch Me Not Robot.
  • Single and Double line tracing building and programming.
  • Use of ultrasonic sensor in object detection.
  • Covering of simple missions to trigger their creativity in problem solving.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Prize is valid till 31 May 2012.
  2. Please contact Y-Gen Club at 8201 8102 to check the availability and booking of June Holiday Robotics Enrichment Programme.
  3. Original winner’s letter and NRIC must be presented to redeem for the prize at 12 West Coast Walk #02-13 West Coast Recreation Centre Singapore 127157
  4. Each session lasts for 3 hours.
  5. Both sessions will be conducted in June 2012.
  6. Class size is capped at 8 students and Y-Gen Club requires a minimum of 3 students to commence the course.

Contact information

12 West Coast Walk #02-13
West Coast Recreation Centre
Singapore 127157

Tel: 8201 8102

Y-Gen Club


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