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You’re 3 Easy Steps Away From Winning These For Free!

Using NETS is enriching and rewarding especially for your little ones. From 26 August 2011 to 29 February 2012, you can equip your children in their learning journey with an array of exciting prizes up for bidding.

The NETS GET IT FOR FREE Auction is a rewards programme offered by NETS PTE LTD to all NETS Debit Pin-based ATM Cardholders. You can make your purchases at participating merchants related to the education and/or enrichment sector, and claim NETS KiasuPoints (NKPs) for your purchases, once you have registered as member.

NKPs can then be used to bid for a variety of attractive prizes every month in 3 easy steps!

Live Auctions

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Step 1 – Claim Your NKPs!

Register as a member (if you are not an existing member) before clicking here to claim for your NKPs with your NETS receipt collected from participating education/enrichment transactions.
$1 spent = 1 NKP

Step 2 – Bid for the Prize you want!

Once you have accumulated enough NKPs you can start to bid for the prizes below. You must bid more than the current leading bid if you want to win the prize.

For example if the current leading bid is 100 NKPs and if you wish to win the bid, you will need to place a bid of 101 NKPs.

You may make as many bids as you like for each prize.

Step 3 – Claim Your Prize

The leading bid at the end of each monthly auction will be the winner. When the auction ends, NETS will authenticate the transaction details as submitted by the winning bidder and notify the winner within a month from the end of auction.




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Find Tuition/Enrichment Centres